5 Best Small Hot Tubs to Buy 2017

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Best Small Hot Tubs 2017

There are various brands of best small hot tubs with the wide ranges of various features, specs, prices, and of course the sizes. We have the wide ranges of the confusion when choosing one or some that might be suitable the most to our need. Surely, some of us might also still be that really unwilling to buy and place a hot tub at home because of the limited space and the price.

Actually, no matter what, we can enjoy the wide ranges of the benefits of the hot tubs even though we have such the limited space. Surely, we only need to be selective in choosing the hot tubs. Choosing the compact design and small sized hot tubs will be the good idea to be tried. That will help you save much of the space and you do not need to be worried in dealing with the proper area to place it. The small hot tubs are available in various shapes and even features. We can find the circle, oval, rectangular, and so on for the shape of hot tubs.

Choosing to use the small hot tubs is also a good deal since it also offers another benefit, as like it requires the lower cost compared to the bigger size one. Surely, the price of a small hot tub is also much lower than the medium or big size ones. That is the reason why there are so many people who are interested in choosing the hot tubs which have the small size ones rather than the big ones.

The small size hot tubs are commonly the hot tubs which are suitable for 1-3 people only. That means, for the couple, it can be such the great thing for getting such the intimate time to be enjoyed in the hot tub. Surely, there is a bunch of benefits of the small hot tubs. If you are interested in choosing to buy the small hot tubs, you do not need to get worried since the hot tubs in small sizes have the wide ranges of the selections so that you will get the simplicity in finding the right ones which are suitable the most for your need.

If we are going to buy a small size hot tub, you also need to consider whether it is going to be used indoor or outdoor. By knowing the location where you are going to use or place the hot tubs, you will be able to find the right product which has the specs and features that are suitable the most to the outdoor space. That is one of the important things which anyone needs to notice and consider when they go to find the right choice of the hot tubs.

5 Best Small Hot Tubs to Buy 2017

In addition, when we are hunting the right choice of the hot tubs, we have to be smart in choosing the hot tubs which have the great quality. There are various brands of hot tubs which people can easily find at store, both from online or local stores. Still, each of brands have the wide ranges of series as well so that it is completely reasonable when people are getting confused and no idea when they have to choose a hot tub which is suitable the most with the great quality as well. However, here, we are going to give you some ideas regarding to the Best Small Hot Tubs. They can be some recommendations or references of the small hot tubs which are great to be chosen. Here are some of the ideas of the recommended yet top small hot tubs this time.

small hot tubs 2017-0-gemini-by-qca spas-plug-and-play0 Gemini by QCA SpasRating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
SaluSpa LayZ Air Jet Miami by BestwayRating: 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
Rock Solid Luna Spa by LifesmartRating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
77 in Purespa by IntexRating: 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
Round 4-Person Hot Tub by Home and Garden SpasRating: 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

0 Gemini by QCA Spas 4.5 Stars

If you are thinking to have such the unique shape hot tubs which are long but thin, this product will be a good idea to be noticed then. With the 0 shape, it has the unique design which will also not waste your space. It is a good idea for a small space. Besides the design or shape of the hot tub, this also has the plug and play system which means it is easy to be used. There are also some features of this product. There is the feature of two stages for its heating system which can be adjusted. It includes the heating system with the frictional pumps. There is also the system for the heat recovery. This product has the design of great small hot tub since it is suitable for the couple or for about two people.

Best Small Hot Tubs 2017 0-gemini-by-qca-spas
Best Small Hot Tubs 2017 0-Gemini-by-QCA-Spas

small hot tubs 2017-0-gemini-by-qca spas-plug-and-play

This hot tub product is also great because of its durability which we can obtain. It is also with the guarantee. The warranty is totally that long compared to the other similar products. The warranty is about 36 month. That is a good point for ensuring us about the quality.

The next thing to know is about the pros and cons of this product. For the pros, of course it is about the simple yet compact design. The features are also that really great to be enjoyed. This hot tub is really ‘play and plug’ so that we would not need to deal with the worries. Then, for the cons, we need to consider that this hot tub is a little bit long to get the proper temperature. However, it is not that serious especially if you are not too in hurry.

SaluSpa LayZ Air Jet Miami by Bestway 4.0 Stars

If you are interested in the small size hot tub which can be really effective yet efficient for your limited space, perhaps this Bestway hot tub can be a good idea. That is especially if you are looking for the inflatable hot tub which can be easily install and uninstall. This product is great to hold until three or even four people in adult size. There is also the great system for water filtrations and also heating which will work rapidly and effectively. For setting up this inflatable hot tub, it is going to be so easy and quick since it needs to tool at all.

In addition, this hot tub is also easy to be operated with its control panel in digital mode. So, you would not need to be worried anymore. There is also the massage system named LayZ. This massage system is easy to be operated and will be ready in some minutes only. That has the feature of about 120 jets of the bubble. That is effective to soak your muscles for getting some relaxation of the muscles after doing some exercises or even hard work. The features can be so helpful then.

Best Small Hot Tubs to Buy Saluspa-Miami-Airjet-inflatable-hot-tub


What about the pros and cons regarding to this Bestway hot tub? Some pros are going to be shared here. This hot tub has the inflatable design which means it is easy to be kept when it is not in use. Then, it also has the comfortable design for the seating. We can still feel that comfortable even though it is made from the sturdy material. In addition, the features are completely that helpful. That also offers the massage system which is completely a good deal.

Besides a bunch of the pros which have been mentioned above, there are also some cons to notice. Some people might find their Bestway hot tub to get easy to get inflated but it might be caused by some error causes. Then, when we compare this hot tub to others, the temperature will be not that really high as others. However, the heath is enough for enjoying some relaxation to release the exhaustion.

Rock Solid Luna Spa by Lifesmart 4.5 Stars

Another idea for the Best Small Hot Tubs is the small hot tub from Lifesmart. What we are going to discuss here is about the product which is in the series of this series. This is stated to have such the great quality. This is a kind of the hot tub product in small size which is suitable to be used for home. This hot tub has three different positions for seating. For the operation, it will require the 15amp 110volt. Surely, it offers the operation which is plug-and-play. Sure, it is as simple as its term. There are about 12 jets in total. The warranty of this product is totally that long. It is about 5 year warranty, and for the pump is about 3 months and electronic is for about a year. The mixing system of this hot tub is using the valve air system which is really comfortable but still gives some great relaxation.

Best small hot tubs rock-solid-luna-spa-by-lifesmart
Best small hot tubs rock-solid-luna-spa-by-lifesmart


There are some pros and cons which we need to deal with. For the pros, this product is about the comfy seating. That offers the perfect comfortable seats for the users. Then, it is also durable with such the long warranty as well. The only con about this product is sometimes it is a little bit fail to keep the water warm. That is experienced by some users several times.

77 in Purespa by Intex 4.0 Stars

The next recommendation for the Best Small Hot Tubs is a product by Intex. Surely, it is the next inflatable hot tub which might be great to be chosen if you are still interested in having such the great thing of the portable hot tub. If you are in need of the easy to store and place hot tub, this product might be suitable for you. It is easy to set and you are ready to use it anywhere you want. You can simply use it outdoor or even indoor.

There is also the great feature of the bubble massage which can be so relaxing yet refreshing the mind. It can give you the gentle massage as well. That can produce the total bubble jets which are about 120. Surely, it has the high power which can give the great treatment as well. You can get relaxed and lets your sore muscles enjoy the moment. This is a small hot tub which is suitable for up to four persons. That is also suitable for both outdoor use and indoor use. There is also the control panel. It is completely easy to be operated.

Best small hot tubs intex-77in-purespa-portable-bubble-massage-spa


There are some pros and cons of this small hot tub that we need to notice. This is completely simple and works really well including for all the features. This is also really flexible since it can be used both outdoor and indoor. This is also easy to be installed. The bubbles are also that really attractive to be enjoyed. However, there are also some cons which need to be noticed before you are shopping. That is especially for any of you always do not want to get bothered by the preparation. You need to be sure that the surface and area where you are going to place this hot tub is completely safe. That is important to reduce the risk of the damage.

Round 4-Person Hot Tub by Home and Garden Spas 4.0 Stars

That is another idea which you might be great to choose for the recommended small hot tubs. From its name, this is great to accommodate up to four people. The design which has the round shape makes this hot tub to be totally that stunning. There are the 14 jets which are made from stainless steel. The jets are also for the shoulder, neck, foot, and calf. They are totally perfect to get the whole body relaxed properly. This is also totally portable so that it is really flexible.

Best Small Hot Tubs 2017 round-4-person-hot-tub


Surely, as like the other product recommendations, we need to notice about the pros and cons of this product. For the pros, this hot tub product is totally that really effective. It has the perfect jets for the entire body relaxation. There is also the slip resistant feature for the better safety. Then, it is also easy to operate or use even by the first time hot tub user. The only con about this product is based on the critical review. That is about the poor customer service for this company. However, overall this product is really great to be as one of your options to choose for a small hot tub.