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110v Hot Tub Pros and Cons

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110v hot tubWhen we want to buy a hot tub, often we are faced with the question 220 or 110v hot tub? The question often arises because there is the assumption that 110 hot tub requires a power greater than 220 hot tubs to heat the water.

The answer, of course, is influenced by the voltage difference itself. Then what is the impact of voltage difference on your hot tub? It seems we must look back to the basic formula of electrical energy.

Base on the basic formula of electrical power, the voltage will not impact to the total watt required by your appliance but only will affect the working speed of an electrical device. It is mean with the same watt different voltage, it will give us the same result, but different in working speed. In the case of the spa, an 110 spa will heat water more slowly than 220 with the same watt required.

110v Hot Tub Pros and Cons

Here are the main different between 110 and 220 hot tubs:


1) Easy Electrical Installation – It is almost no electrical installation at all. You can install 110v hot tub easier than 220 because US standard outlets for the household run on 110 volts. An 110 hot tub will start running as soon as installed. You can keep $200 to $1000 by not installing the electrics that 220V hot tubs need. Initially, you can plug these spas into your home’s standard 110V-115V outlet quickly.

2) Suitable for Mild Climates – If your winter temperatures don’t get to 20-degrees or lower, the 110-volt hot tub will be able to remain its heat.

3) Suitable for Short Soaks – If you spend in the tubing is around 20 to 30 minutes average, 110 hot tubs should suit you well. The regular time people splurge in a hot tub is approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Commonly 110 tubs keep its heat for about an hour or two.


1) Slower to Heat Water – as mention above, the same power watt required an 110 Jacuzzi hot tub will heat water longer than 220 a tub. An 110 take approximately twice as long for the heater to heat.

2) Not Suitable in Cold Climates – Since the 110 spa doesn’t heat water as speedily and most of these spas turn off the heater when the jets are in use, these tub spas are best when used in mild climates. It drops 2 degrees each hour in lower freezing temperatures than 220.

3) Little ‘Not Energy Efficient’ – Although not efficient is a key issue. But, in fact, a little difference in efficiency levels of both. It is because 110 hot tubs need longer time to heat water than 220, so there will be un-useful energy released. To fight this issue, do energy saving onto the spa, including better hot-tub cover, full foam insulation and insulation blanket.

4) Commonly when jets in Use, Heater Turns off – If you take pleasure in your hot tub during the weather is 20 degrees or lower. You may find that the water cools quickly. However, the new heater of 110 volts hot tub has been designed still worn when jets in use. So, ask the dealers, are there any 110v hot tub that can run jets, and heater at the same time when buying.

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