A Guide to Hot Tub Electrical Installation

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Hot Tub ElectricalHot tub electrical installation is the most important thing to know when it come to install Jacuzzi hot tub. Many hot tubs are using 110-volt electrical outlet and 50-amp circuit. Even though some of them using 220 volt electrical outlet and you will need professional electrician to setting it to your standard home electrical outlet. The power will operate the hot tub parts including pumps, heater, ozonator, and lights. Before operating the product, you need to read the manual to get further information about the specifications and requirements of the hot tub electrical.

What Should to Consider Related Hot Tub Electrical Installation?

The installation and wiring process for Jacuzzi hot tub can only be done by qualified individual. Careless and improper installation can lead you to serious injury or death. It is highly recommended for you to consult with the building inspector for details and requirement for your area.

Fused Air Conditioner Disconnect Hot Tub Electrical InstallationSufficient capacity – In installing the hot tub electrical, you require the sufficient capacity in the main panel. Many homes are equipped with 100-200 amp service panels. You need to consult to the qualified electrician to determine whether the current electrical draw can accommodate the additional load. When you are shopping for hot tub, you should know that most models of the hot tub need 240 volts at 50 amps to operate the heat and also pump system. You also need two spaces in the panel for double pole, 240-volt circuit breaker.

GFCI box – Another thing which you require is GFCI Weatherproof Box and Circuit Breaker. The users need to install GFCI box within 5 feet of the spa. The box has to be installed within line of website of the spa users. The main function of the GFCO is monitoring the electricity flow in the circuit. When there is a difference or any change in the flow, it will terminate the power immediately.

Trench – When you are installing the hot tub, you have to dig a trench for the hot tub electrical cable and place the conduit in it if you install the spa away from the house. You will require a trench which has more than 18 inches in most areas. Not only that, but you also need to place metal caution tape for 12 inches above the cable. It will give the warning of electrical cable nearby in the excavating case. During the final hot tub electrical inspection and testing, the trench should be opened before covering.

Electrical conduit – In installing the hot tub electrical, you need electrical conduit in the trench from the outdoor disconnect box to the spa. The users need to pull through a string through the electrical fish tape or conduit or. Then you need to tie the wire securely to the tape or string and pulled through leaving for about 12 inches for termination on each.

Before installing the hot tub electrical, you might wonder about how much should a hot tub electrical install cost. It is highly recommended for you to find the information from the electrician. Asking suggestion from the electrician also needs to be done when you face the problem with hot tub electrical problem.

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