Above Ground Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Above Ground Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

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Above Ground Jacuzzi Hot TubAbove ground Jacuzzi hot tub is easier to install than an in ground Jacuzzi. This hot tub is movable so that we can put anywhere we want and move them to the different place later. Even though it is movable, but it is not portable. It is mean that this kind of hot tub is not easy to move. This Jacuzzi is more practical with the same all advantages of in ground spa. They come in many different models including shape, size, material and price.

Why should above ground Jacuzzi hot tub?

In certain case, above ground Jacuzzis have more benefits than in ground. When it comes to choosing what Jacuzzi you should install, it will depend on your preference of installing a Jacuzzi. Do you want just a practical use of spa or you want your spa is as part of your backyard landscaping decoration? If you prefer practical use then you should consider above ground. On the other hand, if you intend your Jacuzzi as part of backyard landscaping, then in ground hot tub may be is better. How about the budget? Do you want to save money or money is not your consideration? The fact is that an above ground hot tub is cheaper than in ground in.


The overall cost of above ground Jacuzzi is cheaper than in ground. The cost depends on the material and size. The average costs of above ground spas vary from $2000 for a basic model made of molded plastic to $15000 for the luxurious model made of stainless steel. You will pay extra cost if you need site preparation such as hot tub base and deck. You may also need accessories added like spa staircase for easy entry and exit from your Jacuzzi.


The durability will depend on the material used. The advanced acrylic backed by fiberglass designed to prevent crack and bubbles is the most common material for an above ground Jacuzzi hot tub. Another material is thermal plastic which is more durable than acrylic. The most durable material is stainless steel but it also most expensive than others. So, ask for the material used when buy is important thing. Ensure all parts are covered by the warranty. Look at both structure and surface carefully since they are covered by warranty separately.


You will need a strong surface, concrete hot tub pad to install above ground Jacuzzi spa. You also need spa stair to ease entry and exit your spa. Commonly, it uses a standard 110-volt electrical outlet. You should be able to set up your hot tub if the proper circuit already has installed without having to hire professional.  However, you will need little bit effort if your hot tub has 220 electrical outlets. I suggest hiring a qualified electrician to handle it.


You can choose rectangular, round, or corner shape depends on your preference and style. However, rectangular shape is the most popular. The appearance also varies from just standard bulky plastic blocks, cool red wood cabinet, up to the luxury models feature old stone look veneers. The size will depend on the capacity of tub range from 2 people up to 10 people or more. We also can find some Jacuzzi hot tub with cool accessories installed such us DVD TV with the stereo unit, LED lighting, or even a mini bar on side. If you want a more luxurious model may be you can consider above ground hot tub pool combination.


Whether like it or not, your above hot tub will become a part of a focal point on your backyard landscaping. You need to integrate your hot tub into backyard landscaping in one peace. You have to consider some decoration such as privacy fence, gazebo or canopy, spa deck.  Wooden Jacuzzi hot tub gazebo is the most popular and they come in decorative, enclosed and entertainment model. And if you want bigger one with all the benefits of swimming spa, the you should consider hot tub pool combo. Installing a privacy fence may be is needed if you want a more privacy Spa in your backyard.


Easy maintenance and care is another advantage of above ground Jacuzzi hot tub. It is easier maintenance than in ground spa overall. The surface material (commonly form acrylic) is easy to clean. The quick drain feature makes the cleaning activity is stress-free. Commonly, covers are also included in purchasing and easy to replace when it comes to water logged. To keep water balance, hot tub chemical is needed as same as in ground spa. Some of them equipped with hot tub Ozonator for getting better spa water quality. But don’t worry if your spa is not included with Ozonator since it is easy to install.

Above ground vs. in ground

To give you quick understanding about the difference, let’s see the comparison between above ground and in ground spa of the main aspects.

Above ground Jacuzzi

Round Above Ground Jacuzzi Hot TubAdvantages

  • Easy to install
  • More energy efficient
  • It is movable even not easy to move.
  • Contoured, smooth seating surfaces, at varied heights.
  • Easy cover removal and replacement, for easy removal can integrate a spa cover lifter
  • Easier to keep the warm since it uses standard spa covers and costly less for cover.


  • It is not as gorgeous as an in ground spa.
  • Fewer options for interior surfaces, usually acrylic or thermoplastic.
  • Limited in shapes and styles

In ground Jacuzzi


  • Unlimited Design based your need and preference
  • Luxurious ability to merger it into backyard decor and design.
  • The diversity of materials, such as acrylic, concrete, vinyl, tile, stainless.


  • More expensive than above ground spas to install
  • Large or unusual shapes need costly spa covers
  • Less energy efficient than above ground


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