Polymer Hot Tub Cabinet

The Benefits of Polymer Hot Tub Cabinet

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Polymer hot tub cabinet has quickly established as a strong presence in spa manufacturing. These plastic cabinets are much lower maintenance than wooden cabinets. The use of polymer is moving toward a greater than 51% synthetic cabinet market based on a recent survey of leading spa manufacturers, in US.

The Benefits of Polymer Hot Tub Cabinet

Polymer Hot Tub Cabinet

More resistant; The Polymer Spas cabinetry is dampness and impact resistant. Therefore, it doesn’t crack or fade. It is also sound proof and flame retardant.

Require remarkably little maintenance; Your Master Spa will keep its new looks for years even outdoors. It cleans up easily with a cloth and garden hose not like wood cabinets, which require little maintenance, with virtually no color change or fading. The new synthetics can give the impression wood and do need remarkably little maintenance.

You can match the color of your spa easily; Its offered in a wide variety of color options – intended to fit any decorations and runs true to the core of the material. With appropriate care, your hot tub will be as rich and lustrous years henceforth as it is today.

Lots of different colors and styles; It offers supreme look, texture, and performance. It is available in different colors and styles of a Walnut, Stone finish, Gray, Autumn Stone, Red and Gray Stone. For access to all areas in the spa, It features custom rounded corners and removable panels.

It provides additional insulation; It provides additional insulation, which in turn means a cost saving for you. Combined with interior foam insulation is rated with an R-insulation value, the Spas Polymer cabinet is a complete insulation system.

Check with your dealer both lengths of warranty and specifically about sun damage as well as color fastness fading coverage in the warranty before taking one of these. Good luck for the best choices..

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