Buying Refurbished Hot Tubs, 5 Keys To Look For?

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Refurbished Hot TubsPurchasing refurbished hot tubs can save you a thousand dollars because the cost of new hot tubs is expensive. However, to gets all the benefits of spa activity, you have to make sure that you buy the right hot tub. In this article, we want to address you some useful tips when buying.

The 5 Keys To Look For When Buying Refurbished Hot Tubs

1. Knowing the Life

The typical lifetime of hot tubs commonly is about ten years. By knowing the life, you can predict the hot tub life left and this, of course, will affect the price. It is not mean that after ten-year cannot run. There is some critical component like the pump, circuit board, the body and after the typical lifetime, these component need replacement.

2. Quality of Brand

Buying a refurbished Jacuzzi hot tub should consider brands which have the high quality of construction and material and also the services. A cheap hot tub with bad quality materials may only have a 5 years lifetime. On the other hand, the quality hot tub can last 20 years or more.

Make sure getting easy servicing is important when you get problem or hot tub replacement part. You also have to check the dealer near you of the brand. Like many industries, it is possible that the manufacturer is no longer exist and this will difficult you later. Take a look the history, testimonial, services, and the dealer availability near you. Make sure that the brand has a good track record.

3. Warranty

The length of the warranty is a good indicator of durability. You need to ask both the manufacturing and dealer warranty. Sometimes you will find the second-hand hot tubs which still have manufacturing warranty, and this is the safer refurbished hot tub to buy. A quality hot tub can have 10 years warranty offered by manufactured. However, if you get manufacturing warranty period is over, make sure there are the warranty from the dealer.

4. Trustworthy Seller

There is some options to buy refurbished hot tubs. The important thing of all is that the seller where you buy must be honest.

Dealer The advantage of buying from a dealer is all ready to use. They already do the inspection of hot tub parts, cleaning, and they have some warranty. They also can deliver it, set it up, fill it and tell you how to use. The honest dealer should tell you the real condition of the used hot tub comprehensively. Is there any component have been replaced? Are there any potential spa crack? etc.

Friends If you have a good friend and want to replace their old hot tub with the new one, may be you can take a look the condition and buy if you are sure that the hot tub is well maintained and in well-working order. You should get an advantage by asking your friend to help out with a good price.

Online Another option is to buy online. There is some good deal we can find online. The only problem buying used Jacuzzi online is about to make sure the condition. To make sure that all is working well, you can hire a local Jacuzzi spa service to perform a system check. If you sure with and then decide to buy online, I recommend using cost on delivery (COD) system payment and perform a system check when it arrive at home.

5. The Condition

You must do inspection carefully to make sure that your refurbished spa you want to buy working well out. Here the simple tips to check the condition of refurbished hot tubs:

Check the hot tub physically – See the both the exterior and interior side of the hot tub. You should not find any crack inside the tub. The cover should not be failing, weakened, waterlogged or broken.

Test the performance by running it – then you have to turn it on and let it for a few minutes. Make sure there are not any a strange noises or un-normal things. Usually, the Jacuzzi hot tub should make a little buzzing noise. If you hear something else, it could be a warning sign that the spa pump motor is getting to damage, which it is an expensive replacement.

Check the cartridge filters – the cartridge filters should not be torn or worn out. The filters condition is a good indicator how the hot tub has been used and maintained in the past.

Inspect Seals – checking all the seals while it is running. Ensure there is not leaking. If you find leaking, check the source of leaking. Is it the motor seal or from another source?

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