Choosing a Hot Tub Cover Lift, What Important Things?

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Hot Tub Cover LiftHot tub cover lift helps us to move and put cover easily especially if your hot tub rather large. With a cover lift, one can open and close the tub easily yourself. Another function is to hold the cover and avoid the cover from damaged when the cover in an open position.

What a hot tub cover lift to use? Spa cover lift comes in different models. Which cover to use, depends on your hot tub model itself, and the space around. If we have a heavy cover, mechanical lifter will be suitable for us. If your cover is not too heavy and bulky, basic cover lifters may be your option. Different cover lifters require different minimum space to allow for arc and rest the thickness of the spa cover.

 Choosing a Hot Tub Cover Lift, What Important Things?

There are many options both design and price for spa lifter. To get the suitable cover lifter, we must consider some crucial thing below.

Spa Measurements – To get the right direction, we have to know hot tub measurements. Spa cover lifter must fit in size, shape and dimensions. Your corner is essential to note. Many spa cover liftters will not work on a radius over a measurement, so we need to know corner radius. Maybe we need an extension to put the larger radius.

hot tub cover liftsClearance – It is necessary to consider how much clearance on the sides of spa that affected by hot tub cover lift. A spa lifter that sets the cover low down to the floor on one side of the spa will decidedly different with a lift that mounts on the sides of the spa.

Mechanical or Basic – Hydraulic Cover Lifter makes removing your spa cover an effortless task. If spa cover is large, and weight enough, we should consider Mechanical cover lifter.

Mounting Options – There are many options for hot tub cover lifts mounting. Lifts that mount directly onto the cabinet is the most popular type. Other type is under-mount spa cover lift. What types we need to use depend on your hot tub model itself. Mount directly onto the cabinet is an acceptable choice for spas which have drill holes. However, Under-mount lifts are better because have metal plates that slide under the spa to holds them in place.

Support/ Durability – The durability of it and support it offers spa cover is the decisive thing we should consider when purchasing a hot tub cover lift. Top quality materials, providing durable and lasting spa cover lifters. Choosing a cover lift that has a slab extending the full-length of the ridge can save a lot of wear and tear of your cover.

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