Heater for Hot Tub on Pumps
Heater for Hot Tub on Pumps

Different Types of The Heater for Hot Tub

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Seen from the methods, there are four different types of the heater for hot tub. First, we have the electric heater; second, gas heater; third, pump friction and the last we have the eco-friendly solar heater than others. Let’s take a look deeper the different among them.

Heater for Hot TubElectrical Heater

The electrical heaters are the most common method to heat your tub or spa. A standard electrical heater is an electrical heater element mounted by stainless steel.

This heater works by heat water that passes the heating element. The hot tub control system control electricity to run the heating element if there is enough water flow going through the heating element.

Commonly, not working the Hot tub control system is the most problem related electrical heater. However, sometimes the heat indicator light will not flush but the heater still works. It can create your heating element to hot and burned since there is no water passes the element.

Gas Heater

Gas heater is increasingly in demand because the price is cheaper than electricity. It is also still fairly common mainly in a situation where there is both a spa and a pool combination.


  • The water heats incredibly quick, larger heater, shorter heating time. The heating time can be as little as 20 minutes if you have a 250 000Btu, and spa heater attached to a 3-400 gallons tub spa.
  • The long time cost of heating will be less as you only heat the water when you need to use it.


  • The initial cost for a gas heater installation is commonly 8-10 times the cost of an electrical heater. Also, you will need enough space to hide gas holder.

Pump Friction Heater

This is also low heating cost besides gas heater. Unfortunately, this heat slower, at the same time not easy to control the temperature and balance the spa chemistry and you only can apply for small tub.

The method used is by wrapping the pump with tubes that are a part of the circulation system.  By this method, you can increase the temperature of a small spa exceedingly slowly.

Solar heater

This method has become popular as the raising of the global issue. With the appropriate solar panel installation, it can heat your water tub without paying electricity or gas bills.

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