wood fired hot tub

DIY Wood Fired Hot Tub with DIY Chofu Heater

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You who like tubing and natural sense should consider wood fired hot tub. Relaxing in outdoor wood fired Jacuzzi make you sense more connected to nature. Redwood, red cedar, yellow cedar, oak, and more generate a more natural feeling tub that does not have all the regular hot tubs.

wood fired hot tub
DIY Wood Fired Hot Tub with DIY Chofu Heater

Wood fired tubs are heated by using the warmth from an underwater stove named diy chofu heater. You put logs or coals in the wood fired heater and light them like a regular fireplace. The heat from heater warms the water, which creates the unique sense of being in a warm spa.

With oil and gas prices continuing to rise, build a wood fired hot tub become prospect option to reduce your electricity bills. They are also great for areas that do not have access to electricity, such as cabins in the woods or somewhere similar.

DIY Wood Fired Hot Tub with DIY Chofu Heater

Fortunately, this tub is not expensive and relatively easy to build yourself. And, one of the most important things you should consider is choosing wood fired hot tub heaters properly.

Wood burning hot tub heaters are in fact the most economical. You can get ones with wood fired burners, which means if you have access to a supply of free logs then it will cost you nothing to heat it up. They heat up your hot tub quickly and work very efficiently. The fuel is Cord Wood or coal. This type of hot tub heater is best for people who use the hot tub occasionally.

The Chofu DIY wood fired hot tub heater is a very simple, and very beautiful. This Japanese made “Chofu” stainless steel water boiler produces about 35,000 BTU of heating capacity by only using wood. This heater is also very easy to setup. Chofu heater use Ofuro technology which it has been famous for soaking Ofuro style spa by Japanese. You can heat a small Jacuzzi in approximately 1 hour.

The Chofu Wood fired water heaters naturally circulates the water completely off-grid. Its design is based on Thermo siphon; the hot water rises and exits through the top port, no pump is needed. At the same time cold water is drawn in to the heat exchanger through the bottom port. Also, it is no noise.DIY Chofu Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater

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