Home and Garden Spas 3-Person 31-Jet Hot Tub
Home and Garden Spas 3-Person 31-Jet Hot Tub

Home and Garden Spas 3-Person 31-Jet Hot Tub

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You are looking for 3 person hot tub that suits your needs? The 3 Person Spa is perfect for personal time or private conversations. It’s also ideal if you are limited for space outdoors. Of course you should consider several factors before buying such as price, quality, and usage.

If the price becomes a benchmark you in buying a 3 person hot tub, then you should really look for quality hot tub that approach the quality you want as your budget.

But if the price is not an issue for you, then you must find 3 person hot tub with the finest quality luxury accessories including complementary.Home and Garden Spas 3 Person 31 Jet Spa

Home and Garden Spas 3-Person 31-Jet Hot Tub

  • 3 Person Hot Tub Spa with Lounger: This hot tub is designed to accommodate 3 people so it’s a perfect choice for couples or a small family. The dimensions are 80? W x 60? L. Due to its small size it is a space saver as well as being economical because less water is required to be heated up to fill it.
  • 31 Stainless Steel Jets: There are 31 Stainless Steel Jets, which considers a lot for a smaller hot tub of this size. It has a variety of positions to let you enjoy your therapeutic session of the hot tub jets. The jets are powered by a powerful 6 HP pump so the jets are both powerful and effective.
  • Factory Installed Ozone System: An Ozonator system has been factory installed so the hot tub will be kept cleaner which reduces the need for chemical sanitizers to be used, keeping operating costs lower down. Many hot tubs require you to purchase an Ozonator system separately so I was pleased to see one is included.
  • 9 Colored LED lighting: Its LED lighting feature is a simple adds on, but surely keeps the presentation of your Jacuzzi high. The LED lighting is a nice inclusion. This enhances the atmosphere, as well as adds to the safety and lets you choose a lighting scheme to reflect your mood.

– 82″ W x 60″ L x 31″ H
– Jets: 31
– Neck & Shoulder Jets
– Calf & Foot Jets
– Comfort Cushion Headrest
– User Friendly System Controls Topside
– Low Energy Consumption
– Deluxe Cover 4″-2″
– Durable, Slip-Resistant Acrylic Surface
– High Density Foam Insulation with Sub-zero Thermal Wrap
– Interchangeable Therapeutic Water Jets
– Multi-Layered Fiberglass
– Quality Heat-Retaining Synthetic Cabinetry (Mahogany)
– Requires 220V/50amp Dedicated Service

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