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Hot Tub Base Plan Ideas

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What are the best options for a ‘strong’ hot tub base? Concrete is the best way. Make sure everything is level. You want the pumps, and everything feels so much the level of the water level looks fabulous, and everything works as it should be.

Hot tub base options

A concrete base is an obvious choice, but are there any other options that are less labor and / or less expensive? I think you should consider compact gravel.

You can rent a temper or machine compacting and grading. Not that much work remains to be done in concrete. Just get the plates of adequate size, i.e, 2 “x 10” and diesel fuel spray in the face of the concrete. It used to be easy to disassemble so that the concrete does not adhere to the tables.

The amount of gravel needed for the basis of a Jacuzzi 8ftx8ft?, Well, that’s 64 square feet. And just to know how deep you want (4 inches?) And do the math. 4 inches are 1 / 3 of a foot. Therefore, you need 64 square feet x 1.3 feet = 21,333 cubic feet of gravel. Thereby, if there are 2 cubic feet of gravel in a bag, for example, takes 10 to 11 bags of gravel.

Hot Tub Base PlanHow much would it cost to build hat tub base?

How much does a construction cost to make a 8×8 concrete hot tub base for a hot tub for 6 people? The cost to put your slab EST function of depth, 2 ” 4 ” 6 ” I would go with either 4 ” or 6 ” with a current cost of foundation soil, sand, at a cost of 2 yards of the ea. 150.00 includes delivery, for proper drainage, reinforcing the integrity not to forget the cost, because water weighs 6 pounds, and 320 to 350 gallons depending on your weight bath and the water is over 3000 pounds.

You do not want to break the stone and wood to shape, and mud, at a cost of 90 to 120 meters. Do not forget the mixing equipment rental, compressor blades, possibly a bobcat so it is not necessary that all the shovels of sand and earth and all that.

For (DIY) hot tub base, don’t forget you have to excavate the site was probably a foot, with 4 ” of soil, 4″ of sand, and the remaining 4 ” rebar, and how to establish or if you are 6 ” would be 18″ 6 ” of soil, and after 6″ of sand, then set rebar and form.

For the possible (DIY) 700-900 with permission, and you want a permit, don’t forget to recover the cost when you sell the house, the authorization can cost 50 to 100 depending on where you live, whether to go with a construction company in 1000-1500 according to the problems that may arise, and it will be by permit, no matter what. Not without its responsibility.

If you do yourself, go have the instruction book that tells you that everything is in it, and then think again when someone says 400.00. Contact a construction company to check prices, but it will not be cheap.

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