Hot Tub Chemicals for Dummies

Hot Tub Chemicals for Dummies

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Hot Tub Chemicals for DummiesYou will need hot tub chemicals for dummies which really work. To keep your hot tub clean and safe, you need to use special spa and hot tub chemicals to kill any bacteria and algae in the water. Chlorine and bromine hot tub are safe cleaners to use with appropriate dose. Base on (EPA) the Environmental Protection Agency rule, sanitizer need not eliminate one hundred percent of all organisms to be effective. Nor are fungi or viruses ever included in a sanitizing claim.

Sanitizer contains residual sanitizer such as chlorine, bromine or Biguanide/Baqua/PHMB will able to kill pathogens in the bulk pool water and surfaces outside of the ozonator. Bellows are the options for hot tub chemicals for dummies you can use:

What is The Best Hot Tub Chemicals for Dummies?

Lithium hypochlorite

Lithium hypochlorite is the colorless, crystalline lithium salt of hypochlorous acid with the chemical formula of LiClO. Studies showed no uptake of lithium if pools with lithium hypochlorite have been used. It is little more expensive sanitizer pools, but like bleach it does not insert to CYA and it won’t splash. It was slow to dissolve, but it is believed to be fast to dissolve and in any case could be dissolved in a bucket of spa water. You can add that way if necessary.

Phosphate buffer

Phosphates are commonly used to combat scale buildup and metal staining in hot tubs and pools. The advantage of phosphate is it keeps the pH to be more stable. The disadvantage with phosphates is that they can endorse algae, but this is not generally a problem in hot tubs due to the hotter water and custody it covered so no sunlight gets in.

Phosphate buffer is also an algaecide, namely 20 Mule Team Borax, and you can also lower your Total Alkalinity (TA) level since the main source of pH rise is the outgassing of carbon dioxide (partly from the jets and partly from the ozonator air bubbles).

Phosphate Level with Much Foam

You should use a phosphate remover if you have extraordinarily high phosphate levels of 3000 ppb or more. If your chlorine level is too low relative to the CYA level, you will get algae growth or unusually high chlorine demand. The minimum FC level in an SWG pool is around 4.5% of the CYA level (manually dosed non-SWG pools need a minimum FC of 7.5% of the CYA level), you need at least 3 ppm FC or higher at a minimum.

You will be losing too much chlorine to the UV in sunlight If the CYA level is lower than the usually recommended 60-80 for an SWG pool. It is important to read and understand the instruction on the chemical container before using hot tub chemicals for dummies.

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