Hot Tub Circuit Board Repair

Hot Tub Circuit Board Repair and Replacement

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Hot Tub Circuit Board RepairBurned circuit board is the most common problem of the Hot tub circuit board. A burned circuit board is usually the consequence of the loose heater terminal connection screws. The screws are likely to shrink and ease off the connection to the heater after long-time uses.

This trouble affects in heat building up and transferring to the circuit board. That in turn, can consequence in transmit or contactor failure on the board.

If this happens, the circuit board will not work powering the motor to pump the jets, or it is flawed. It will ruin your hot-tub heater if the water does not run to get off the excess heat. The heater will also hot and burned.

Unfortunately, a Hot tub circuit board is expensive and exceedingly costly repair. This circuit board is not much different from computer motherboards, which quite expensive. Do repair circuit boards is expensive to and not all damaged circuit board can be repaired. It will depend on the level of damage.

However, fix repair circuit board is cheaper than buy a new board. If the circuit is not too hard damage, there is still an option can be repaired, and you do not have to buy a new. You can save more 40% of your money than buy new circuit board.

When you buy a circuit board, don’t fail to make sure the assurance from spot repair. Sometime, there will be a change that circuit board having the same problem after you have repaired and use them for a while.

Look at for signs of premature damage are the best way to prevent the occurrence of a fire’s Hot tub circuit board. An electrical multi-meter would be the smart way to explore the signs. It will help to find what the problem is. You should perform checks immediately when you notice signs of damage to the board.

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