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Hot Tub Control Panel Replacement

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Hot tub control panel is particularly crucial to ensure that your hot-tub work well. To see your hot-tub experience as enjoyable as the possible, it makes sure you have the ideal temperature settings and are running efficiently.

A control panel embraces the simplest functions such as pump activation, temperature settings, and power modes, to complete highly technical functions, such as programming the spa to turn on and off at definite times, setting power modes for electrical efficiency and setting your own filtration cycles.

hot tub control panelHow does a Hot Tub Control Panel Work?

Depending on what spa you have and what options you need to control, there are many different top side spa control panels offered. Each control panel is different, so you should ask for a complete demonstration of hot tub control panel when you’re shopping. You can get a part number off of your existing ‘top side’ panel simply by pulling it up out of its housing in the spa.

There is usually a sticker on the side, indicating a part number from the manufacturer, otherwise get the part number for your spa control pack and call to the manufacturer and you can figure out which ‘top side’ control panel will work for you. Just run cold water and eliminate the control panel and heater hot tub.

You can do it as long as you either cap or reroute the plumbing from or to the heater depending on location. You have to modify of the Hot tub control panel, as you may end up bypassing some safety features that are built into the controls. Water & electricity don’t mix well and unless proper grounding and protection are maintained you could end up in hot water.

However, it is recommended to hire a professional to do safely accomplish the necessary modifications. It is because even with providing instructions; the job is just too difficult for a layperson. You need the qualified hot-tub technician to accomplish the modifications you want to be.

Hot Tub Control Panel Instructions

Here is over view of the options existing for different topside hot tub control panels you need to take a look:

Jets Hot Tub

This button will control water flow through your jets. Many also have different speeds that the pump can send water through the jets at. Meaning pushing the button one time will start the jets on a low speed and pushing it a second time will take it to a higher water pressure. This function would also depend on whether the hot tub is running with a 1 or 2 speed pump.

Hot Tub Blower

The “blower” button will control the hot tub’s blower or bubbler. The hot tub blower introduces air into the water through a series of air injectors. Blowers cause the bubbling effect in the water adding to the ambiance of the spa experience and when used along with the jets creates an even more relaxing experience.

Hot Tub Light

The light button is used to control all the light function in the spa, many change colors from red to blue to green, some even have purple and orange. With one button controlling all of these options you will have to click through the options one by one to find the one perfect for you and your desired setting.

Hot Tub Temperature Controls

Most spas have two buttons, a temp up button and a temp down button. Temperature controls make getting the best temperature setting in your spa as simple as the push of a button.

This also makes it very straightforward to turn your hot-tub spa down a few degrees when it is not being used and then turn it up a few hours before it is going to be used. This will help to conserve a little of the energy.

Time, Option, or Invert

If your spa has these function buttons you will want to consult your owner’s manual for instructions specific to your spa.

Hot Tub LCD Display

LCD displays tell you things like where you temperature is set or if there may be a problem with some for your equipment based on an error reading that may display on the screen. Having these gives you a trustworthy message line to what is going on inside your hot tub.

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