Hot Tub Cost - How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

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Hot tub cost involves the installation, purchasing, support equipment, operational and maintenance cost. Are you considering installing a Hot tub on home? One of the important things you need to know is the cost. Here are the estimation of overall hot tub cost.

Hot Tub Cost to Install

Hot Tub Cost - How Much Does a Hot Tub CostThe cost of installing a hot tub will be influenced by the type of hot tub. Either a small hot tub or portable inflatable will be cheaper when compared to standard hot tubs. You can get small hot tub under 500$, 1000$ or 2000$. A typical 5- to 7-person hot tub with jets and built-in seats runs about $3500 -$6000, and luxury hot tubs can be as much as $7500 -$14,000. An in-ground outdoor hot tub averages about $16,000 -$20,000 or more.

You also need to build a concrete pad or a level deck for outdoor hot tub installation. There are two options for hot tub pad, wooden deck and concrete pad. It can run $500 – $5000 or more depending on the size and complexity.

Wiring and plumbing are other things you need to consider.  Adding an electrical outlet can add $75 -$1000 to the total cost or more depend on electrical and plumbing trenching and installation.

Hot Tub Cost for Equipment and Accessories

Some equipment and Accessories can make a big difference of hot tub cost.

Necessary Equipment

  • Hot tub stairs help us to enter and exit tub easily – these should be fabricated of a durable material and waterproof. Depend on the Jacuzzi spa model; stairs also have various model and material. The standard materials are cedar wood and vinyl plastic. The plastic vinyl stair for above ground spa cost you about $50 up to $150 depend on the size and model. For in ground hot tub, the price will vary depend on your spa model.
  • A hot tub cover lifter to ease you close and open hot tub cover – Cover lifter helps us to handle the massive heavy cover and can eliminate any possibilities damage to the cover and even tub. The average price of cover lifter ranges from $100 to $150.
  • A portable spa pump for easy emptying – The process of emptying water from tub can waste time to complete. A portable mini pump helps us to empty water faster than we only use a built-in drain that uses gravity so you can clean or do maintaining soon.
  • Spa Cleaner to remove debris, sand, leaves, and algae – Spa cleaner help us to clean from any unwanted material easier and faster.

Cost for Extra Accessories

  • Hot tub cost for LCD TV will vary from $260-$280 / Set to $600-$1000 / Set depend on the model you desired.
  • An Underwater lighting can insert to the peaceful, calming mood and boost lively tubing. Adding underwater light can cost about $20 to $100.
  • A hot tub enclosure makes a beautiful focal point in your backyard landscaping as well as functional piece of equipment. With the addition of a gazebo kits, you can transform your backyard garden space into a spa. However, installing hot tub gazebo will cost you about $3000 to $5000.

Monthly Hot Tub Cost to Run

A recent study found that the average hot tub costs about $10 to $50 per month to operate in the US. However, hot tub cost to run will depend on the size and model and advanced insulation system used. The better the hot tub insulation, the cost you spend on heating will be cheaper. The advanced technology used make the hot tub cost to run become more competitive.

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