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Hot Tub Dolly for Moving

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Hot tub dolly helps us when moving a hot tub. Commonly, Spa dolly is to move the spa from the trailer to where you want the hot tub to put. You will get easier to move a hot tub from one area to others with dolly. If you have a large hot tub, dolly is the tools that you should have.

How to Use Hot Tub Dolly?

Hot Tub DollyIt’s typically not hard for two people to move across it to the designated location with a single hot tub dolly. Once steadily strapped onto the dolly, you can ring the hot tub where you want the hot tub to put. You can get the hot tub up or down stairs and over rough ground by the dolly.

In level raising and lowering your hot tub to a dolly, you can use a sled and change the sled and spa over 1″ PVC rollers.  Move the rollers you’ve passed over to the front, as the Egyptians moved the stones for the pyramids.

You can get a Jacuzzi dolly on local supermarket or shopping online. However, you can rent a dolly if you don’t want to buy it. You just want to call your local equipment rental company, and they will have a Jacuzzi dolly and a hot-tub trailer for rent. Another option you can buy a used dolly for a cheaper price.

Hot Tub Dolly Modification:

Shoulder DollyTo keep the spa from sliding off, you can deck-screw the plywood cut to one end, perpendicular to the top of the dolly. Load onto the Hot tub dolly on its side, the base edge of the spa take a break against this plywood. Furthermore, you have to stack up a couple 2″ x 4″ boards to crutch the sloping outer wall at the other end of the dolly. Two people are enough, but more people will help you to move a hot tub easier and safer. Be careful and good luck.

Shoulder Dolly

Alternatively, we can use shoulder dolly to move the hot tub safely and easily. You can use this dolly to move small hot tub but not for big hot tub. Two people can move a hot tub easily and quickly. This tools reduce strain and risk of injury to the low back when moving a hot tub.


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