Hot Tub Enclosures Ideas and Plans

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Hot Tub EnclosuresHot tub enclosures must bring the protection of hot tub, making more beautiful backyard landscaping and deliver more privacy spa activity.  So, the privacy and atmosphere you want to be intended is the important thing. What do you want your environment of inside your hot tub enclosure?  Do you want a broad view with brightly of sunlight? Is it a full view with brightly of sunshine? Or do you want a private, shady nook, and away from neighbors’ eyes? This idea is a clever way to make more hot tub privacy.

Hot Tub Enclosures Plans: Important things To Consider

Here are the five important things to consider for getting Jacuzzi enclosure to be installed superbly with your desirable mind.


There are three typical model of spa enclosure with many variations and decoration.

Open Air Model – These hot tub enclosures give protection from above and still allow a full view of your backyard. If you want a broad view with brightly of sunset, maybe you should consider these models. They are excellent for any beautiful landscaping center.

Open air Hot Tub Enclosure

Semi-Enclosed Model – A partially open structure for milder climates is enabling you to see out but protecting outsider’s ability to see in. However, add sliding glass doors with screens keep views of the around backyard and create a delightful sunroom.

Semi-Enclosed Hot Tub Enclosure

Fully-Enclosed – A fully enclosed gazebo structure for maximum privacy & protection allowing you to see out but protecting outsiders can’t see in.

Fully-Enclosed Hot Tub Enclosure


There are several sizes available, ranging from medium to large that can be set and close it with your hot tub. Of course, it will depend on your interior decoration you required. Make sure you have some place between the tub and the wall for the insulated spa cover. You don’t want to get a challenge to enter and exit the tub.


The materials should be dimensional stability and endurance to damage from temperature changes, humidity, and chemicals. Wood, aluminum, vinyl are the standard material used. Vinyl plastic and metal/aluminum are easier to maintain and clean, though most people prefer wood because it looks better and aesthetic.

Woods are sweet texture, and vibrant color makes it the preferred material where beauty is important. Cedar is a popular ingredient because it has a natural quality of repelling insects. Mahogany, Oak, and Pine colors bring depth and grandeur to the enclosures outside your room.

Aluminum enclosures are easy to install, lightweight and high-design, adding real value to your backyard. Combine with polycarbonate roof panels give adequate insulation. It is also ideal for warmer climates because they reflect heat.


Your site will affect what type and design of hot tub enclosure. Analyze your site location including the accessibility, zoning requirement, and leveling.

Accessibility – You need to layout the access both for people and equipment like plumbing and electrical and pump. Your enclosure should ease you enter and exit your hot tub. Also, consider the drainage system. You need to estimate the water and electrical to the hot tub area. If you already have a hot tub and you want to make a gazebo, the water and pipes is not a problem, but if you have a new Jacuzzi hot tub, you need to take care of the pipes for the water. You must ensure to operate and that you can use your spa an additional electrical outlet for all other devices that you want to use when enjoying.

Grade and leveling – You need to consider the level of the hot tub to make easy drainage. Maybe your backyard has a unique contour so you can create awful enclosure landscaping.

Zoning requirement – Inspect all zoning code needed that affect your enclosure building so you will get a problem later. Check to the local municipalities about permits and zoning code.

Enclosures Landscaping

Avoid your gazebo building as different part of the backyard garden. Mistaken in the designing can undermine your home landscape overall. It is important to integrate your enclosure with your garden landscape to get it look nice. Make your hot tub enclosures as a focal point of your backyard landscaping is recommended to avoid the landscaping ruin.

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