Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

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A hot tub spa is an attractive option for the people who want to get soothing relaxation at their home. When you are installing the hot tub, you are also recommended to add some plants or other landscaping around the hot tub areas. The hot tub landscaping has the function to improve the relaxation experience. By using the plants, you can enjoy the vibrant colors and textures which can stimulate the sense while bringing privacy and energy to your mind.

Here are some ideas for your hot tub landscaping

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas1). Preparation. The location of the hot tub usually depends on the power source and water availability. Many folks put the hot tub in the places which are close to the power source. In operating the hot tub, you can connect it to the 100-volt power source on the outdoor outlet or 220-volt source where you need its breaker. Most hot tubs should be located on the flat surface. You can use the concrete pad or use the existing patio or deck.

2). Trees. When you are using trees as landscape, you should know that later you might face problem in cleaning the dropped needles, cones, and leaves. You just need to place the tub away from the trees. You might not want to use the cover over the hot tub since at the night you cannot enjoy seeing the stars. It is recommended for you to use the plants which are known to hold their leaves. You might also choose the plants which lose their leaves once a year. In placing the plants, you are recommended to put them at eye level. As another option, you can also choose the plants which are interesting in every season. Many people are using the hot tub during the cooler weather, so you want to focus on fall, winter, and spring season.

3). Plants. If you are looking for the best plants for your hot tub landscaping, you should consider using the plants for winter interest. These plants are including Sweetbox, Winter Daphne, Hamamelis, Witchhazel, and much more. They are more recommended for you since it produced special fragrant which can improve your hot tub experience. You can also use the plants with ornamental berries. These plants provide color for your landscape. The example of those plants is Beautyberry or Callicarpa, which has the bright purple winter berries.

4). Lighting. You can find various landscape lightings which are available in the market. The lighting will provide the light if you are using the hot tub at the night time. You might install the solar lighting on your pathway to the hot tub which does not only provide lighting but also safety since you can see your path clearly. Some people are using the landscape lighting to highlight some plants. The lighting will make your plants look more beautiful.

5). Stones. You can use the stones as the accent of your plants. You can locate the stones around the plants. It is also recommended for you to use the rounded stones as the soft surface for bare feet.

6). Walkway. This aspect is one of the most important aspects of your hot tub landscape. In building your walkway, you should choose the materials which are effective for practice and visual aspect. If you are building the walkway for wet and bare foot, you should construct it from the slip resistant materials. In designing your hot tub landscaping, it is important for you to consider not only visual aspect but also the safety aspect.

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