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Hot Tub Motors Maintenance

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Proper hot tub motors maintenance is the key to keep your comfortable tubing time. However, Heat becomes the main enemy of Hot tub motors. Heat can ruin a bearing lubricant, run capacitor, motor’s windings, and insulation. Heat can quickly shorten the life of a motor pump.

Hot Tub Motors RepairThe location where a hot tub motor placed should have enough ventilation. Commonly, manufactures to have considered this factor by designing proper ventilation for motor. However, we could make a mistake when installing a hot tub on home. We accidentally close the vents for the motor and other parts.

You have to consider proper ventilation for Hot tub motors when installing a hot tub since it is a critical factor. Choose out of the sun spot that’s protected from grass clippings and leaves if the motor is installed outdoors. Make sure to leave enough space between the motor and cover if you cover the motor to keep it from possible water or debris.

You can prevent the overloaded protector from tripping by utilizing E-Plus (High Efficiency) Jacuzzi motor instead of standard motor in conditions where the temperature is superbly hot.

Hot Tub Motors Maintenance

Increase the Life of Hot Tub Motors Pump with Proper MaintenanceYou need to do proper maintenance to keep your motor work well and extend the life of your Hot tub motor pump. Bellow is regular maintenance you can do.

Cleaning, just apply a moist cloth to clean the outside. Don’t spray the motor with a water pipe. Commonly, you don’t need to clean inside of the motor if you have made proper safeguard against contamination such as lint, sand or dirt.

Moisture, to prevent failure of insulation and bearings, water leaks from pipe joints or pump seals should be repaired. To protect it from windblown rain, you have to take measures and mount the motor away from damp areas and low spots.

Cooling, You should put motor away from water heaters, laundry appliances and mainly from direct sunlight.  Also, clean the air inlets as necessary. However, sufficient air circulation is needed around the motor.

Seasonal, make sure all surfaces, interiors and vents are dry to avoid rust whenever the motor must be power cut for extended periods. You have to cover it to avoid dirt and snow from clogging the inlets, debris such as blowing leaves if the Hot tub motors is located outdoor.

You certainly do not want the water suddenly does not flow when you ‘re doing tubing spa. So, you need proper hot tub motors maintenance to ensure all motor part working well.
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