Hot Tub Moving Tips

Hot Tub Moving Tips

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There are two options for you when it comes for hot tub moving. You can move by yourself supported some peoples or friends; or you can hire a hot tub mover for easier and safer way of course. However, hire a mover will cost you quite expensive.

Hot Tub Moving TipsYou don’t need to worry if you choose to move a hot tub do yourself without hire a hot-tub mover. Most hot tubs have for moving guide instruction as well installation. A recent hot tub extremely portable model is remarkably flexible to move.

You should read all instructions carefully step by step before do anything. Ask the dealer or your friend who used the same tub if you find there is something not easy. Hot tub dealers often give services for moving for one-year warranty included. Remember to check these services in the purchase contract.

Hot Tub Moving: Step by Step

  • Remember to read the instructions carefully. If you’re unconfident, you can ask a local hot tub wholesaler, who handles your brand of a hot tub. The main part such as the heater, blower, pump and electrical and plumbing units should be removed from the hot tub and packed individually.
  • For safest hot tub moving, disconnect all electrical and gas lines and other lines like plumbing and water hose. Move the hot tub onto its side carefully. Consider protected with the dolly straps. Use ramps to move the hot tub from a floor to a flat. Lean the tub spa standing for the move. You can utilize a truck with a lift access. You need to shelter with the lid strongly.
  • If you’re going to do yourself, you should ask a few strong mans to help you do the job easier. More people will ease your job. Hire a hot-tub mover if you feel it’s hard and will hurt your hot tub. Even there will cost you more.
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