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Maintaining a hot tub regularly is a must thing to do for the owner so that the hot tub always on a good condition and the owner may keep enjoying the sanitized and fresh water. There are many ways provided and tools that can be used to work on the hot tub maintenance. An option that is often to be offered is to use chlorine and bromine. Though it is suggested to be used in a proper and controlled amounts, most of the people complain about the bad odor produced and some cases about skin and eye irritation has been becoming the issues. One alternative which is considered safe is to use hot tub ozonator.

What is Hot Tub Ozonator?

Hot Tub OzonatorHot tub Ozonator, ozone generator, is a machine which is inserted into the hot tub to sanitize the water by taking in the air from out of the water through the installed line. The oxygen will be then inverted into ozone which works to clean the water from any bacteria and contaminants. With an ozonator, you will always have a hot tub with clean water and there will be no extra money to spend on wasted chemical supplies and ozonators are cheap in comparison to their alternatives.

Ozone is not affected by hot water while chlorine and bromine are. Though it deals with high temperatures, the ozone will not lose its sanitizing properties. The hot tub ozonator is easy to maintain and to run. It is easy to install and activate the machine and moreover, this has an auto pilot mode. Ozone will not damage your hot tub cover or other vital mechanical parts.

There are two kinds of ozone generators. One uses UV (Ultra Violet light energy) and the other uses CD (Corona Discharge electrical energy). To make effective, just run your ozonator for 4 to 6 hours a day or you can also run it for 3 hours every 12 hours. Actually, to get the best result, the hot tub ozonator can work up to 24 hours. If the filter or the pump’s spa uses timer, the best method is to set the timer for about 2 to 4 hour cycles or 12 hours apart, every single day.

If the ozonator is installed properly, then most likely, you can control the level of sanitizer lower than usual level. By using hot tub ozonator, the concentration of bromine or chlorine will be able to be kept at the low level. In other words, it is kept below “ideal” level of the water test kit. Moreover, the customers who are using ozone state that the spa water can be changed every 18 -12 months. This condition, of course is much better compare to the condition before they installed the ozonator to the hot tub.

What does a Hot Tub Ozonator Do?

The Ozone generator creates crystal clear water which is completely safe, enjoyable, and sanitized. The important role of ozone generator is to keep the quality of the hot tub water. It does not even require 90% high chemicals. This hot tub ozonator can kill almost all types of viruses, microorganisms, algae, and yeasts. It oxidizes other contaminants like human contaminants, oils, as well as cosmetics.

This hot tub ozonator can purify 200 times stronger than chlorine, and it is done naturally by the ozone. The odor and chloramines can be reduced, since it may break down any by products of chlorine as well as bromine that can cause smells to the water. This will hinder us from nasal and skin irritation. The hot tub ozonator does not require a lot of time and high cost of maintenance as it only takes fewer water compare to a spa that is completed with other types of sanitizing chemicals. It may also prolong equipment life.

Hot Tub Ozonator Replacement

The hot tub ozonator needs to be maintained well to keep the water sanitized, fresh, and enjoyable. The ozonator maintenance itself can be a challenging task to do. The machine is considered to be last for around two years. The cost for replacing it ranges around $75 US. It is highly recommended for the customer to replace the chip annually, especially when you operate it for 24 hours per day. Almost all ozonators are worked and installed only when the speed of the pump is on filter; that is why, if your hot tub is filtered every 6 hours per day, the chip may be able to last more than 4 years.

You should know that is is not a simple thing to repair the device by yourself once it needs some replacements. When the water chemistry is found out of balance and when the water is cloudy, it might be time for an ozone generator replacement. Keep checking on the light and keep checking for the bubbles are the ways that are mostly told to do. However, those work for helping us to determine whether the ozonator power is on or not. It cannot be a significant indicator for checking whether the ozonator is creating ozone or not. The users should try to find the other factors beside the sign of the power since the ozonator is still able to running on even after it stops to produce the ozones.

Therefore, it is more important and effective to keep the ozonator’s ozone production on check since the ozonator will not produce enough ozone that will be able to keep the water fresh and enjoyable when the machine is going to reach the expired timing. In order to check the ozonator, the user may list some points to check as indicators. The user may check the condition of water. The user may check whether the condition of water is still fresh or not. Well functioned ozonator will work well to keep the water that is felt like new. The user may check whether there are floating chemical dirt in the water. If yes, it indicate that the ozonator needs to be replaced. The problem of balancing the water chemistry is also an indicator that the user needs to change the ozonator. Doing the regular check up on the time for using the ozonator for every 3 years is recommended for it is usually expired after being used over than 3

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