7 Ultimate Hot Tub Privacy Design Ideas

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You will need hot tub privacy to enjoy a spa in your hot tub to slow down after a long day or to relax on the weekend. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get privacy if you have close neighbors. You do not want unknown eyes on you while you are doing to enjoy a spa in our hot tub. We have seven ultimate privacy ideas to tackle your privacy problems.

7 Ultimate Hot Tub Privacy Ideas


Ultimate Hot Tub Privacy IdeasGazebos have a solid canopy or roof along with walls partially or wholly. Hot tub gazebo can transform your yard garden space into a stunning and intimate spa area. You can add flowers around; a flat screen TV, stereo even install a mini bar inside. These will create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation as well as give you privacy.

The open design allows the breeze to flow through, and the roof provides plenty of cooling shade. Like the open design of gazebo, you need to do maintenance regularly. You need to remove debris such as twigs and leaves insert around spa area. Portable structures allow you to take your convenient outdoor seating area anywhere while the gazebos we usually think of being likely to be permanent structures.


Semi-Enclosed Hot Tub EnclosureEnclosures should bring the protection of hot tub, making more beautiful backyard landscaping and deliver more privacy spa activity.  The attachment seems as same as the gazebo, what make the different that the can fully enclose the spa that you can open it if needed. So, the enclosure is less maintenance than gazebo as they can fully close when not in use. Typically spa enclosure come with three models; open air, semi-enclosed and fully enclosed. You can choose difference kind of materials. The cedar wood is the most common material used as they are relatively inexpensive and easier to form.

Privacy Fence Panel

Hot Tub Privacy FenceA privacy fence panel is more simple privacy fence to build and install. The benefits of the solid fence they are more durable and long lasting.  They simply make your spa feature doesn’t turn into a source of anxious tension or awkwardness during parading nude in front of the neighbors.

To build a sturdy fence panel that will last for years to come, consider the materials you use. There are many privacy fence designs you can choose to depend on your preference. Wood, vinyl, and aluminum are the most popular fence panel material. Select treated lumber accepted for ground contact and use exterior screws and weather-resistant galvanized nails.

There are three main fence panel styles you can choose from: Solid allows for complete privacy, Spaced Picket for achieving a distinctive look and aesthetic appeal, and Shadowbox to give the fence the same look on both sides.

Planting Fence

Hot Tub Planting FenceIf you want to maintain a greener space on your yard, a planting wall is will become your alternative option for hot tub privacy. Shrubs and trees and provide sanctuary for wildlife like butterflies and birds as well as reduce noise pollution. Fast-growing evergreens like Green Giant Arborvitae, American Holly, Emerald Green Arborvitae, Italian Cypress and Rocky Mountain Juniper are perfect for living fences.

Hanging Outdoor Curtains

Hanging Outdoor CurtainsInstalling curtains will create a cohesive flow to the spa area, adding a touch of the comfortable inside feel to the fresh air, meanwhile providing as much privacy as you need. Hanging outdoor curtains can be a quick and budget-friendly way to create a spa privacy area. The way you hang your curtains will make a huge difference in the final look whether you choose soft neutrals bold colors or a chiffon-style fabric.

Pre-Built Privacy Screens

Pre-Built Privacy ScreensThis is the quickest solution for spa privacy. Premade ready-to-order screens are easy set-up, portable and come in many styles. They work well plenty to block unappealing trashcans mostly from your neighbor’s view, and it was curiously easy to setup by yourself. However, they come with some limitation such as not stable in the wind, limited privacy span, and shorter longevity.


pergola hot tubPergolas have beams instead of actual roofs that make the different with gazebo and enclosure. They feature lattice and sometimes have a simple fabric cover. To make a more privacy function, you should combine with privacy screen, outdoor curtain our planting fence.

Hot tub pergola makes over your backyard into an outdoor garden paradise. You could enjoy the hot tub all day long while the privacy fence and beautiful drapery make your pergola a more intimate and private area. You will get your spa area more comfort and expensive.

Sometimes you need to combine some privacy ideas to get perfect hot tub privacy design. A pergola or a gazebo with a solid fence and living wall make not only intimate place for spa activity but also increase your courtyard landscaping.

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