Hot Tub Siding Replacement

Hot Tub Siding Replacement

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Hot tub siding is the dodging around the external to the hot tub. This siding is aimed to keep the in-house plumbing, the pump, heater and other parts of a hot tub.

Hot Tub Siding ReplacementOften, your spa siding is breaks, warps or becomes extremely decaying, and you cannot clean it properly, corruption and highly colored with age and weather.

You need to change which also stable and made ??of cedar wood that will not needs further treatment. You can get it in brick, stone, shake, all kinds of styles.

For hot tub siding replacement, Vinyl house siding is one of your options to get siding on the market. You can use a Texture 1-11 from Home depot that has some wood grain looking composite coating to it. It’s about $20 per sheet, and it only takes 2-3 sheets depending on spa size/height.

If the corners of the good old, you can leave them. If they are in terrible condition, then you can just rip them and make a straight angle make cuts 45 degrees. On the other hand, you also can make a siding by yourself.

Make a Simple Hot Tub Siding Yourself

Making Jacuzzi siding, you need to do the work during sunny season to hold off from wet rain. You can make a single hot tub siding quickly.

  1. Decide the lengths of your hot tub siding frame. If your hot-tub box is 38 inches high, you would require four 2-by-4s at 37 inches high, allowing one inch for the skirting material on top so that it will be swill out with the top of the hot tub itself.
  2. Connect the frame. A skirt should be based on a solid casing, so attach the 2-by-4s with self threading screws to the entire hot tub enclosure. Check the user manual to make certain that installing a skirt is an option for your hot tub.
  3. Extend the frame down the sides of hot tub. Cut eight 2-by-4s to 12 inches long, and screw them (two on each side) into the bottom board so that they are extending away from the hot tub. The quantity you need depend on how long your hot tub is.
  4. Connect a 2-by-4 to these two 12-inch boards, then screwing them together. The longer 2-by-4 should be the same length as the side of the hot tub, and screwed into place with the widest side of the board facing out.
  5. Connect your panels using the strong screws. This will cover your frame and complete your skirt. Use strong screws for security. For consistency, your panels should equal the objects of your hot-tub spa’s box.

Fortunately, Creating a hot tub siding is not a job that is too difficult for us. All it takes only a little carpentry techniques.

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