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Hot Tub Steps Plans to Boost Safety and Comfort

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Hot Tub StepsHot tub steps are essential accessories for a spa.  They give more comfort and make sure to enjoy all the benefits of spa experiences without worry getting incidents. It is little difficult for us to get in and out at least three feet high spas. For safe and easy access to the spa, we must have strong hot tub steps that are not slippery when wet. An extra feature with many of the steps is lighting and storage. This lighting feature helps us to see the way down the stairs while you can put necessary things on the storage under.

Options for Hot Tub Steps

There are different spa steps both design and type. One notable thing we should consider that spa steps should create a beautiful complement to your spa both in color and design.

Wood Steps

Redwood or cedar is the most common wood use for hot tub steps. Their natural ability to repeal water combining with chemicals or sealants treatment produces strong and beautiful spa steps. We can buy built-in steps or make yourself by purchasing the materials needed.

Polymer Steps

Plastic or polymer spa steps require little maintenance. This spa step is economically strong and lightweight. These steps also have an anti-slip pad to ensure the safety. The storage area underneath step is one charming feature that comes. This is a lovely spot to put the spa chemicals to treat the water, or a spot for extra towels, or supplies.

Stone Steps

These spa steps make more than a safe entry and exit of the spa. Provide more space for all options, including the stone staircase is elegant. The rich texture, color, and stacked tiles are exotic and natural.

The natural stone finish provides an elegant entrance to your hot tub. The storage box underneath step provides sufficient space for chemicals, supplies or towels to save. Some stone steps also include Double-cylinder for flower pots, or fills it with ice for cold drinks.

Build a Simple Wood Cedar Hot Tub Step

Build a Simple Wood Cedar Hot Tub StepBuild a simple hot tub step is only embrace three easy steps; get the right shape and size, assemble and add extras safety. The tools needed are just standard tools which usually household have. I assume that you already have all woodworking tools needed.

Step 1 – Getting the Right Shape and Size of the Steps

Different hot tubs have different shape and size of the step. Just simple you take a look the shape and measuring the size of each part. However, there is some typical size of parts based the safety and comfort standard.

You need place a stringer (that vertical section the steps rest on) every 1 1/2 feet for stability. So you will use four stringers for a 6-foot long spa tub. Round up the numbers if your spa tub is larger or smaller. For quicker work you can use pre-cut stringers.

Step 2 – Assemble the Stairs

You can join the steps after you collect the right amount of stringers and trim the parts needed. On the horizontal and vertical parts of the first stringer, put wood glue proportionally and place the first step on it. Array the edges of the stringer. Next, put a second stringer 1 1/2 inches distance from the first stringer. Repeat until all of the stringers glued to the top step. Let this to dry entirely. Continue with the lasting two steps. You need to pin the steps to the stringers for extra security.

For nice looking, you need to place the plywood sheets on the ends of the steps. Along the edges of the stringers and steps on both sides put wood glue then place plywood sheets and allow the glue to dry completely. To ensure it won’t go anywhere, nail the wood in place. Trim the plywood to the shape of the steps using the hand saw.

Step 3 – Boost the Safety

You need to add non-slip pads to each stair to make the steps safer. Trim the no-slip pads about 3 inches wide to the length of the stairs. On each step from end to end make a mark every 3 inches. Then, along the mark every three inches put a line of super glue from the top of the stair to the bottom. Lastly, on top of each glue line, place one no-slip strip.

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