Options for Hot Tub Thermostat Replacement

Hot Tub Thermostat Replacement

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Hot tub thermostat controls the high temperature of your hot tub or spa. They are used in applications like Sauna Control, Sauna Timer, Sauna Thermostat, Hot Tub Control, Spa Thermostat, Steam Bath Controller as well as other appliances.

Considerably, you need more energy to heat additional degrees of your spa water, you can set the temperature lower to 102 degrees F. Commonly, hot tub thermostat have a high temperature limit of 104 degrees F. By this way, your overall energy consumption is reduced.

Options for Hot Tub Thermostat ReplacementWhen you need a replacement, the hot tub thermostat should fit entirely inside the thermal well. It is better replacing with a smaller thermostat probe, but not a larger one. It must be insulated if it is going to stick out outside of the thermal well.

Cutting a slit in a Styrofoam cup is an easy way to insulate the back of the thermal. Then fill with spray foam insulation and cover the stern of the thermostat probe. There are two options for thermostat replacement.

Standard mechanical thermostat

This classic design will fit most spas. Mechanical thermostats comprise a control knob, switch, and temperature sensor.  This temperature sensor looks like a copper wire. It is a tube attached to a bulb which is filled with Freon which expands and contracts with temperature that activates the switch.

The temperature sensor or probe is 3-3/4″ long by 1/4″ thick and on a 36 inch impressionable coil. If you don’t need the entire length, simply leave it partially wound up.

Solid state thermostat

You will find many options of solid state thermostat on sale. Solid state thermostats employ thermostat sensor and transistor circuits. Solid state Spa thermostat use electronic temperature sensing devices. They may use a contactor and pressure switch.

Commonly solid state thermostat is precise to 1/10 of a degree with a maximum rating is 1 Amp. The temperature sensor is 2″ long by5/16″ thick and on a 24 inch cord.Hot Tub Thermostat

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