Hot Tub Troubleshooting – Common Problems and Troubleshooting

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Hot Tub Troubleshooting - Common Problems and TroubleshootingKeeping hot tub in good condition that is mean we have to understand all the common problems and also understand a little bit about Jacuzzi hot tub troubleshooting. Do not do maintaining the hot tub water correctly is the biggest problem, and it creates some serious problems. Certainly all of the problems you can’t handle by yourself. You will need professional to do troubleshooting since there are some complex components. Here are common hot tub problems and troubleshooting you may encounters.

Here the common problems and hot tub troubleshooting

Cloudy / smelly water

One or more of the following issues: overused or old water, dirty filters, improper sanitizing, excessive oils or organic matter, suspended particles or organic matter will cause cloudy or smelly water.


  • Clean filters with fresh water filter cleaner
  • Add proper hot tub sanitizer
  • Check pH and alkalinity
  • Clean the jet pump
  • Drain, clean and refill the hot tub

Excessive Foaming

Spa foam is produced by the water being “thick” and the air jets trigger these minor air pouches, forming the froth. Excessive foam is caused by mechanical and cosmetic issues such as a build-up in the spa plumbing system, soap residues, or low calcium water hardness.

However, the excessive foam can cause serious problems. Mechanically, the pump might begin sucking air if the foams are excessive. It’s not good because the air in the pipes will damage the heater and the pump.

Troubleshooting: Drain, clean and refill the hot tub to wash off all the cleanser deposits, cosmetics, and other body chemicals.

Skin irritation/rashes

The improper level of sanitation in the water can trigger the growth of Pseudomonas bacteria in the water. May be you don’t use the correct certain chemical, too much or too little. The Pseudomonas bacteria cause rushes and skin irritation. Too hot water also can irritate your skin, so just don’t make it too hot.

Troubleshooting: Shock hot tub with sanitizer and maintain sanitizer level, Drop chlorine level below 5 ppm before spa use.

Clogged Filters

A clogged filter can decrease the efficiency of the heating by dropping the water circulation. If you find your hot tub doesn’t heat properly, or pressure jets are not strong enough, it is almost certainly clogged filter.

Troubleshooting: Washing out your filters, if you feel washing out is not working well; maybe you need to replace them with new ones.

Hot Tub Pump Seal Leaks

Poorly water maintenance almost certainly causes pump seal leaks. Seal leak could damage pump motor due to water spaying into electrical motor can short it. So, having immediately troubleshooting by replacing pump seal is recommended. Fortunately, pump seals are cheap to buy.

Burned Circuit Board

The loose screw in the hot tub heater terminal is the cause of burned circuit board. This can happen because after a long time vibration.  Unfortunately, repairing or replacing circuit board can be quite costly. It is better if it is still covered by the warranty from the manufacturer. If you need replacing or repairing, I recommend hiring a professional since it is difficult to do by yourself.

Heater Failure

The Ph. Level in the water is the main factor which causes heater failure. Heating element corrosion will happen if the ph. Level in hot tub water is under 7.0 for a long period, and you will need to replace the heating element. If the corrosion occurs continuously and no action to control the ph. Level, it almost likely leads to a tripped GFCI breaker, and you will need to replace the whole hot tub heater.

Understanding hot tub troubleshooting will help us to avoid more severe damage to the hot tub and bad effects caused. You don’t to handle all the problems by yourself; you will need to contact the professional to handle it if you don’t sure to do by yourself.

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