How to Build a Hot Tub
How to Build a Hot Tub

How to Build a Hot Tub Step by Step

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Hot tubs consist of a potentially lethal combination of water and electricity and therefore you should undertake step by step how to build a hot tub carefully, you should always make sure any work is completed to local and national safety standards in your country.

Steps of Building a Hot Tub

1 # Planning

Planning is the most important step of building a hot tub. You should know faithfully what you want your completed hot tub to be like.

How big will it be? How many and which type jets will you use? Where will you position it? Where should you locate the heater, pump, and filter? Will you set it in the ground, or will it be above ground, or even a mix of the two?

2 # Design your Plumbing System

Plumbing is another important step you should make a plan wisely. If you are building a concrete tub, you will need to use “gunite” jets for the walls. These consist of a jet head and body, which is connected through the wall via a plastic tube which can be of varying length.

3# Purchase Materials

After you have already with the best designed, next step is to find all material you needed. If you life in United State, Almost Heaven Hot tubs is recommended place to find the pump and pipe for your tub. To connect the jet bodies to their heads, You will need the UPVC schedule 40 piping which you can purchase from Cole Parmer.

You can get all the wood, cement and other building materials from the local stores. To make your tub more luxurious, you will need an underwater Spectrum AquaLight that cycles through a seven colour spectrum installed which you can get from the local supplier.

Before you make purchasing, you should make the research any components. You should also look at the operation and assembly manual from the supplier both local and online. Below are all parts and prices how to build a hot tub.

Part Name Price in USD
2.0 HP, Full Service, 50 Hz. Pump 495.00
100 sq. ft Cartridge Filter 200.00
11 kW Electric Heater 390.00
Custom Concrete Jet Set (as per above) 684.00
Concrete Skimmer 100.00
Custom Large Plumbing Kit (as per above) 490.00
Miscellaneous Plumbing Parts 113.00
Four Function Air/Switch Timer, 50 Hz. 295.00
Bubble System 220.00
Freeze Protector 155.00
Water Purifier 350.00
Spare 100 Sq Ft Cartridge 91.00
Tentative Sub Total (not including shipping & handling, or import taxes) 3633.00


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