Hot Tub Rash

How to Heal the Hot Tub Rash?

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Hot Tub RashActually Hot Tub Rash is an indication that you will get if you are infected by a bacterium that called pseudomonas aeruginosa folliculitis. This bacterium is living in a hot tub area, whirlpools, physiotherapy pools, water slides, or even loofah sponges. Children are prone to hot tub folliculitis more often, perhaps because they live longer in water.

The rash is not spread by personal contact with an infected wound. Especially the hot tubs that made by wood. This bacterium will not survive if you can organize the water acid and chlorine levels. Actually all of the scientist and the doctor are more familiar to named these diseases hot tub folliculitis.

Hot Tub Rash Indications

Here are some indications that you’ll have infected after you get in touch with pseudomonas aeruginosa folliculitis bacterium and get this hot tub folliculitis:

  1. The rash of hot tub folliculitis consists of several small .5 – 3 cm red papules or wheals with a central pustule
  2. First it will appears as itchy, bumpy, or even red rash
  3. The bumps may continue to become the dark red one, even it wills become tender nodules
  4. The bumps may be filled by a pus
  5. The rash of hot tub folliculitis is composed of some 0.5 to 3 cm papules or small red spots with central pustules.
  6. Several people incident fatigue in the first few days of the rash, but fever is uncommon
  7. The rash types also will affect the same rash that the other people use the same hot tub.

Rash may appear anywhere in the body that had been in contact with infected water. Areas that are in contact with wet clothing tend to have more lesions.

Heal the Hot Tub Rash

How to heal hot tub folliculitis or the diseases that you may also called hot tub rash? Actually you may just need some anti-itch medications if it’s really itchy. But actually there’s no need to take some medication if the itchy is not too much. But when it becomes worse, the doctor will give you some antibiotic such as ciprofloxacin. But if you want to treats by yourself here some simple tips that will heal the bumps that caused by hot tub rash quickly.

  1. Vinegar compresses useful for 20 minutes two to four times a day
  2. Silver sulfadiazine cream (Silvadene) applied two times a day

How to prevent hot tub rash (hot tub folliculitis)? When you sure that after you take some hot tub and taking a very clearly bath you do not have to be worried to get infected by this bacteria. Because this bacteria will die after get in touch with the soap.

The one that you should protect is your own hot tub make sure that you are taking care about the acids levels. Make sure to clean hot tub regularly. And make sure too about the water filtrations that you’re hot tub haves. Also do not forget to change the water frequently. The more you care about your hot tub the more safeties that you will get and of course it will really prevent you to some itchy diseases like this one.

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