In Ground Hot Tub Ideas – What is The Best Type of In Ground Spa?

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An in ground hot tub is a small pool underground with heating and hydrotherapy system. It is a stable hot tub spa used year around, even in the midst of a snow winter. This kind of hot tub spa can be the focal point of your yard landscaping. It can be as either an active entertainment space or a private relaxation atmosphere at the end of a long day. All the benefits of spa you will get from in ground spa even it is more expensive than another kind of hot tubs.

The Types of In Ground Hot Tub Spa

There are some options of in ground hot tub. Each has their pros and cons. Depend on your preference and style; you can choose which the most suitable for your need.

Gunite Spas

Gunite In Ground Hot TubA gunite Jacuzzi spa is a small pool with all spa functions. They become a popular party scene in the 1970s and continue just a trend today. It can be install as only a gunite spa or combine into a larger swimming pool so we can share the heating and filtration systems for both. The combination between spa and pool offer unlimited options for shape, size and detailing. However, this model is the most expensive of installation, maintenance, and heating.

Creating a gunite spa as an integrated swimming pool needs some specific design to create water features where the two body of water connect but not connected overall. This design is also intended to keep the hot water not lost too much. One of the designs is by creating the wall that splits the spa from the pool water tops out millimeter below the surface of the pool water so there won’t be any visible difference between the two.

Spool Spa Pool “Spools.”

Spool Spa PoolThe spool is a pool with a spa function. Spools come as the solution to the limitation of the standard pools. It is a smaller than a typical pool that can be a perfect fit in any yard and flexible enough for all seasons and activities.  A spool can warm all year around; a spool can remain warm in winter and cool in summer. The pool is cool for relaxation during the warmer months, but also, the small pool can be turned into a spa in the cooler times of the year. Typically they can accommodate 8 to 10 people. What makes the different between a spool and a gunite that a spool does not have a separate wall between the spa and pool water.

Fiberglass Spas

Fiberglass In Ground Hot TubThe ready-made fiberglass spa tubs make all the health and entertaining benefits of in ground hot tub spa more affordable. Fiberglass becomes popular because of the ease of maintenance and its smooth surface. The ready-made fiberglass in-ground spas come in many different sizes, shapes, colors and other special spa features like jets, recliner, seats, pillows, armrests, and even mini bar.

The modern designs of fiberglass in ground spa make the installation, maintenance and repair are easier and simpler. All equipment placed around the tub and the easy assessed of mechanical from the top make repair and replacement are quicker and easier. Because this reason, the fiberglass in ground spas are not really in ground, a fiberglass tub spa may be set into a wood hot tub deck making partially inch above. This design is also to resolve underground conditions such as bedrock or a high water table.

Swim Spa

In Ground Swim SpaThe newly type of in ground spa is Swim spa. This type is a hot tub with swimming function. Swim spa comes both in ground and above ground. Typically, swim spa is a rectangular spa with water flow from one end that works against the swimmer. The swim spa is designed to provide the ability to swim distances without a big pool. A simple twist of a button enables us to change flow rates of water. It offers all the benefits of a big pool in a narrow of space. Swim spa is perfect for swimming, therapy, fitness, and family fun in one place.

In ground hot tub is the most luxurious hot tub with maximal benefits of spa experiences for your garden yard. However, the cost of installing and maintenance is more expensive than above ground especially inflatable hot tub. Integrating with yard landscaping will create your house luxurious and worth investment to raise the future price.

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