Outdoor Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas: 5 Essential Elements

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Outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas are necessary when you already decided to install an outdoor hot tub on your house. The large size tub could be a problem in your backyard if it is not laid out properly. So, you have to think how to integrate your hot tub with your backyard landscaping and home design harmoniously to get stunning overall of outdoor house decoration.  You need to personalize your spa landscaping which reflects your taste and style. Another idea is transforming your outdoor hot tub landscaping as an outdoor living room. Your outdoor living room is huge, and your hot tub landscaping are becoming a part of that.

5 Essential Elements of Outdoor Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

Wall Planting

You can choose edibles, annuals, even perennials of vertical planting ideas for outdoor spa landscaping. Another option is growing vertical with bamboo or vines. Fragrant vines like wisteria and climbing roses should be positioned nearby but not directly over the tub spa. If you desire a plant to add year-round privacy to your garden walls, use the green or white Algerian ivy and evergreen clematis (Clematis Armandii).Wall Planting Outdoor Jacuzzi

Flowering Around

Give your hot tub a luxurious lagoon vibe. You need flowers to make your outdoor hot tub landscaping as the ultimate romantic feature. Plant seasonal flowers around your spa for an inviting setting as you relax and soak in your spa. Create a secluded backyard retreat by extras like tropical flower plants and stylish lanterns. You also can use pots of color placed near the hot tub for added flower and fragrance.

Flowering Around Outdoor Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

Decked Out

A stunning hot tub deck creates a sense of intimacy for your hot tub or spa atmosphere. The concrete deck surrounds blends effortlessly into the concrete hard landscaping. Not only boast a gorgeous natural landscape, but it also highlights an ultra-relaxing hot tub. Your deck should be waterproofing, and durable material since the constant moisture decays wooden planks more quickly than regular exposure, causing splintering and rooting.

Decked Out Hot Tub Landscaping


A pergola for shade with built-in seating completes user-friendly backyard spa landscaping. Consider gorgeous redwood deck to makes a bold backyard statement. The terraced deck to feature a built-in hot tub above and a fire pit with surround seating below can add interest and depth.

Pergola Hot Tub for Outdoor Landscaping

Light It Up

Lighting is always necessary not just for landscaping purpose but also when we use at night. However, for landscaping purpose, your light should highlight The Landscape, Not the Tub. Artistically lighting landscaping carries the eye to the attractive trees, shrubs and flowers. Another great idea is illuminating the entrance surrounded that leads to the hot tub.

Outdoor hot tub lighting

The harmonies combination of five elements of outdoor hot tub landscaping ideas above will transform your backyard garden as a luxurious and stunning place.

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