Sodium Bromide Formula for hot tub

Sodium Bromide Formula for Hot Tub

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You can use Sodium Bromide as an alternative to chlorine because they are the same as disinfectant. It is used against the formation and growth of algae, bacteria and odors in water in swimming pools or hot tub.

Nowadays many people use sodium bromide for their hot tub because it has much less odor than does chlorine.  It also not “gas off” when use at temperatures higher than 98 degrees.

You will get different brand names and many different uses of bromide. It is offered in solid forms for use in specialized bromine dispensers or feeders.  Also, it is offered as a 2-part product for use in hot tubs and spas. BCDMH is the combination of self-activating chlorine bromine.

Sodium Bromide Formula for hot tubWhat is Proper Formula of Sodium Bromide for Hot Tub?

Concentrations of 0, 5 mg/L of Sodium Bromide lead to irritations on mucous membranes, eyes and odor nuisance. The UE standard for bromine in swimming pools is 0, 7 mg/L.

The Sodium Bromide level in your hot tub and spa should be between 1500 – 1900 ppm. To ensure that you do not overdose and exceed the correct dosage, it is suggested to put in less rather than more Bromide to your water.

You must take care that over time the water level in your hot tub or spa will decrease caused by evaporation . It will exceed the concentration of Sodium  in your spa since evaporation doesn’t reduce the amount of Sodium Bromide. However, water removal (exiting bathers, splashing, etc) will decrease the amount of some Bromide.


  • Bromine dissolves in water three times better than chlorine.
  • No hazardous gasses are necessary for bromine production.
  • Because it does not bind strongly, Sodium Bromine’s activity in water is short.
  • The residual concentration is low and no separate substances are required to eliminate bromine.


  • It is very reactive. Bromine aggressively reacts with metals and it is a corrosive material.
  • To preserve an adequate disinfection, the amount of bromine that is added must be high.
  • Safety procedures should be taken when bromine is used, transported or stored.
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