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What is best, hard side or softtub hot tubs? Softub portable hot tub allows you to lay your back there. Surely, soft side hot tube would much more comfortable than the old fashioned one. In a long term soft side hot tubs will give any real effect for your comfortable and relaxation.

Softub Portable Hot TubMay you need to consider a soft side hot tub portable since its movable and easy to install and uninstall. You cannot use any household multipurpose cleaners to clean soft side hot tubs. The best cleaner for soft side tub is “spa surface cleaner.” These can be used on any soft side spas.

How to Clean a Softub Portable Hot Tub?

Softub portable hot tub is extremely portable, energy efficient, soft to the touch and comfortable. It can make the spa of your dreams a reality. It is the “go anywhere hot tub”.

It is designed of durable foam insulation, making Softub comfortable and energy efficient year round. Softub can be moved and set up by one person, fit through a standard door and plug into an existing 110V outlet.

Softub portable hot tub needs maintenance to keep clean like any other tub. If the mistaken chemicals are used for the preparation process, it can turn into damaged, and protection must be taken when cleanout it.

  1. Take drain the entire Softub once every three months with a backyard hose. With clean rags, then wipe down the inside thoroughly. Then you must clean the outside of the unit with 303 vinyl protectant, and refill up the Softub with water.
  2. Insert two ounces of Stain Eliminator and Gon Metal and warmed up. With the test strips, you need to check the pH of spa water. Adjust pH down and Up until become the standard level. You can add a tablespoon to achieve the appropriate level. To help keep it more reliable, include pH Hold to the water. Don’t forget to check the pH level regularly.
  3. Turn on the Softub jets and put in two tablespoons of Softcare granular chlorine to the spa water. Add chlorine as needed and with the test strips, check the chlorine level regularly.
  4. You need to put the filter on either of the two drains at the bottom of the Softub. Take the filter away once a month and clean it with a backyard hose. Reheat the water and reconnect the filter to the drain. Remember to change the filter of once a year.
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