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Most Suitable Hot Tub Cabinet Material

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Hot tub cabinet make sure that your spa has a certain quality. There are many different qualities of wood materials such as redwood, cedar, mahogany others non wood materials like plastic or polymer.

Hot Tub Cabinet ReplacementIf you choose a wood cabinet, you should take some care and maintenance to extend their life and maintain their beauty. You also can choose the polymer hot tub cabinet if you want just straightforward and longer life.

Before purchasing, you have to make sure with your dealer about the warranty and specifically about sun damage and attack page.

Redwood Cabinets:

This is the most popular Jacuzzi cabinet. Normally, redwoods have rot resistance and can survive well with outside weather. Pink in color and have tight grain is the hallmark of the quality redwood. Make sure redwood spa cabinet should be all rosy both inside and outside. White or light yellow is “sap wood” and has little decay resistance.

However, you should be aware about the quality of redwood since the low-quality redwood is rapidly declining especially when you use on outdoor. As the price of quality redwood raise, and it becomes scarcer, it is little hard to find good-quality redwood.

Cedar Cabinets:

Almost similar in the term of resistance to redwood, cedar is weight less than and slightly softer redwood. Western red cedar technically has more decay resistance than redwood. With proper maintenance will be kept looking at pretty nice, recently cedar is becoming more popular.

Mahogany Cabinets:

With the right treatment, mahogany can be one of the most beautiful of woods used for Jacuzzi cabinet. It also needs regular maintenance like all natural woods. Without proper maintenance, it can decline quicker than redwood or cedar.

Mahogany also is more prone to warping from redwood or cedar. The thinner the wood can be more vulnerable to cracking, warping and just downright messy. Furthermore, light mahogany hot tub cabinet is difficult to attach various types of lifting the cover.

Polymer / Plastic:

Compared with wood cabinet, polymer cabinets need more little maintenance. However, some can be lying to face down to yellowing or fading from sunlight. The new synthetic’s cabinet can look like wood texturally. Commonly, it’s also cheaper than wood cabinets.

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