Swim Spa Swimming Hot Tub, Great for Exercise and Relaxing

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Arctic Ocean Swimming Hot TubIf you are thinking of swim exercise and spa activity at the same time, swim spa swimming hot tub is great in winter to warm up cold bones. It is a fantastic swimming spa for your home investment. You get the massaging warm water jets and all the pleasure that a spa can offer in a unit that also incorporates a swimming area. Water flow generated by jets from one end that works against the swimmer is the different thing to a hot tub or traditional pool.

A swim spa is much more solid than a regular in-ground pool with a separate area for a hot tub or spa. Although the swim spa is designed in a different way than a traditional swimming pool, it is still large enough to fit some people and to enable the same kind of fun experienced in traditional swimming pools. Again, the main distinction is a smaller pool area and the depth of the water. This kind of hot tub pool combo is a good investment.

Exercise VS Relaxation

The swim spa is intended for exercise; that’s why all seem to have flat bottoms. A Swim Spa is more suitable for training than relaxing in spa or family fun in the summer pool. If you are looking just for family fun and relaxation, the swim spa will not satisfy your desire.

Many decide to like swimming and put a Baud jet/Speck pump in a wall of the pool so you can get some good exercise out of it.  This is then more popular called as “spools.” This type is more suitable for family fun. However, with its pros and cons, swim spa is great both for exercise and relaxation. You can add extra inside steps or other attractive spa accessories to increase spa relaxation and family fun with it. You can install a hot tub deck to make more comfortable spa party scene also. This swimming hot tub is more practical as they come with the already made unit. The last model comes with all you need both for exercise and relaxation spa also for family fun.

Swim Spa Swimming Hot Tub Costs

A swim spa is easier installation and least expensive than the traditional in-ground pool (Gunite Spa or Spools). It is also movable, and if we want to move, they can be disassembled. Of course, you will need a specialist to move it as the large size. The price of swims spas is rough $7,000 to $25,000 on average.

The lowest price of no brand Chinese import model is about $5000 to $7000. However, you should take a concern to the guarantees and warranties of Chinese model that possibly not be as good as branded models. Guarantee and warranties are the important things as the expensive cost of reparation. Also, ask the shipping cost if you buy directly from Chinese manufacturer which can range $2000 – $3000 to US region.

The basic model will cost range between $9000 – $12,000 which has the same quality with the Chinese units, and which don’t have a mostly familiar brand name. Possibly worth the extra few thousand dollars investment as the warranty’s and guarantees usually provided by the US swim spa dealers.

Luxurious Swim Spa Swimming Hot Tub SpasThe mid model ranges about $13,000 to $18,000 which usually from popular brands. These models come with little higher quality add-ons such as water jets, underwater LED lighting than the basic which are the main difference between mid-range and basic. And of course, the better build quality means less maintenance and repair costs in the future.

The luxurious / deluxe model is the most expensive price range between $20,000 and $40,000. These monsters swim spa come with all the high-quality extras, luxurious decoration, and detail. They also usually come with extra-long warranties and full services from the manufacturer. This model is perfect both for exercise, relaxation or having fun with friends and family members.

Installation Costs

The installation cost of above ground is cheaper than in the ground. You have to pay about $2000 – $4000 for in ground swim spa swimming hot tub. The cost embrace excavating work, making structures support the cavity, and fortifying the spa all add up.

Above ground is cheaper and also easier to install. You just need a simple concrete hot tub base to put the tub. The only to take concern is a power source requirement. The cost is about $1500 to $2000 include a simple hot tub deck.

Running Costs

A swim spa operational cost is more expensive than hot tub because the electricity needs are so high. The average cost would be about $60 – $90 a month to keep it heated depend on where you live. Climate, weather and location indoor or outdoor are factors that affect the cost.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance cost depends on the quality of swim spa. If you buy a good quality brand with a good guarantee and warranty, you should not worry about maintenance cost of reparation. However, for cheapest swimming spa with no warranty, if you are unlucky, you will need to cost $150 a year extra for reparation when any failures happen.

Swim spa swimming hot tub is the ultimate exercise device for those looking to get in shape. The most seasoned swimmers a workout with high-powered jets give a strong current. And best of all, it takes up much less space than swimming pool.

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