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Are you among those who care about environmental issues and like tubing? If yes, I think you need to consider using vita hot tubs. The new ‘breakthrough’ of the insulation system is designed base on eco-friendly Principe.

Eco-friendly has become the popular issue since increasingly evident effects of global warming. This issue forces all aspects both private and government to offer’s more green products. The aim is combat greenhouse gases released on the life cycle energy footprint of the products.

The New Breakthrough on Eco-Friendly Insulation System of Vita Hot Tubs

Vita Produced by Maax Spas that is the well-known companies in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Maax Spas are famous for this high specification, quality, and reasonable pricing. Popular products of Vita are Vita Hot Tubs 300 Series and Vita Spa 700 Series with the more highly specified.

Vita Hot Tubs SpasHot tub insulation system plays a prominent role in the safety hot-tub system overall. Insulation should have the highest possible resistor since you do not want to any heat flow escape. The main indicator is the thickness of the material as heat resistors.

The Vita Hot Tubs Spas Energy insulation system features an eco-friendly insulation’ BlueMAAX ® ‘. Insulation material is “recycled natural” fibers, which approved by the U.S. Green Building Council.

This Vita hot tubs eco-friendly insulation:

  • Treated with borate -based solutions to prevent the growth of mold or mildew;
  • Easy service and can be taken out and put back as one with the manufacturer’s specifications by a qualified service engineer;
  • Substitute the urethane foam usually used in “foam filled” hot tubs, which can create, as much as 50 lbs of environmentally damaging volatile organic components (VOC’s);
  • Prevents pest infestation;
  • Contains no chemical irritants;
  • Acts as a fire retardant.

The exclusive thermal barrier recycles radiant more efficient heating, heat faster, and energy cost reductions.

Furthermore, radiant heat reflective insulation pooled with BlueMAAX® is also applied to the preserved ABS base and sides of the hot tub insulate the hot-tub shell better. Vita Hot Tubs eco-friendly energy insulation is the excellent heat energy management for your hot tub.

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