Can You Put A Hot Tub Inside Your House?

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Can you put a hot tub inside your house? Yes, of course, you can put the hot tub either outside or inside the house. Instead of installing a hot tub inside the house is easier when compared to outdoors. Although, I think the spa activities is more fun if done outside the home. But many people also want to put a hot tub in the house for privacy and comfort.

One of the advantages of putting a hot tub in indoor is free of dust and dirt and also extreme weather. However, keep in mind also the problem of mildew will quickly appear if not treated properly. If you want to install hot tub indoor, please note some of the following:

Can You Put A Hot Tub Inside Your HouseSelect The Right Model.

You should consider the shape of the hot tub that you want to buy matched to the shape of the place in your home you want to put in. Is it a square, triangular or oval shape? I suggest consulting with an architect or qualified builder and then deciding what model and shape is most suitable. The best method is to have the hot tub placed before you close up that last wall. Leave an opening for the hot tub delivery if you are constructing a new room.

Plan Your STEP

Don’t use flooring that turns slippery when wet. Take a floor material that maintains drainage and good traction when wet. You can use wood or carpet, which will rot, or plastic grass carpet “Astroturf” because water can flow under it and decay the base. Install a floor drain for draining and for easy cleaning the spa. Matte finish, non-slip tile is the best.


Glass enclosures, cement walls, and cedar lining are among the best choices for wall material. A tight-fitting hot tub cover keeps moisture in the hot tub, but when the lid comes off, the room steams up fast. You can use the water-resistant drywall made for kitchens and bathrooms.  Install an entire vapor block under the wall covering to prevent dry rot of joists and studs.

Hang Easy

You will need a close water source for filling Even though some hot tubs are portable and no need external plumbing. Just install a hose in the room to make those fill-ups easy.

Ventilation Fan in Fan On

You need a compelling and silent vent fan to get the humidity out of the room quickly without disrupting the peace of your spa time. This is why you should use the saving walls and structural elements from dry rot. Call an HVAC builder specialist for help to get the right choice, choose the right position in the room, and install the fan precisely.

Heat The Space.

Make sure the room is sufficiently heated to minimize moisture condensation.  I suggest using a ceiling fan to improve air circulation.

No Smells Allowed.

The dank odor of chlorine overflowing your house is very worse, and it will get out to the entire room of your house every time. Use the new ACE salt system or Odorless Silk Balance is the best way to go for sanitizing indoors.

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