Dimensions of a 6 Person Hot Tub

Standard Dimensions of a 6 Person Hot Tub

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The standard dimensions of a 6 person hot tub is (217 cm x 235 cm x 98 cm) 7’2″ x 7’9″ x 3’3″H in range. Six person hot tub models are hugely popular large hot tub for who know what they want from a hot tub. The water capacity of standard six people hot tub dimension is 315 gallons or 1200 liter on averages with 300-350kg dry weight. Most people are those who want to upgrade from a small hot tub to a large hot tub, and the choices fall into a hot tub with six seating capacity.

When it comes to six person hot tub model, there are most popular 6 Person Jet Spa on the market. 6 Person 90 Jet Spa including an MP3-Auxiliary Output and Ozonator System and LPI30SQR 6 person 30 jet spa from Home and Garden Spas. You can have the maximum benefit of hydrotherapy water pressure with the 90 therapy jet spa features expertly-placed jets in all the deep seats along with one 14 jet insert and two seven jet inserts. The MP3-Auxiliary Output has a sub-woofer with two speakers for superior audio performance. To getting a perfect late night spa time while holding your favorite beverage, it also includes 2 spa LED lighting cup holders.

The LPI30SQR Spa is assembled with a high, Tuscan Sun Acrylic Shell and synthetic mocha cabinetry to complement any scene in your home. It has 7-color LED lights located along the perimeter of the hot tub and underwater for perfect mood enhancing spa experience. The 30 therapy jets are made from quality stainless steel to decrease damage and maintenance.

LPI30SQR 6 person 30 jet spa has dual stage 6 HP pump and a 4 kW stainless steel heater. It needs 220 Volt, 50 Amp outlets and is intended with user-friendly topside system controls for easy access. With a 34-inch depth and a water capacity of 315 gallons, everyone will be able to have a full body hydrotherapy spa time. Both The LPI30SQR Spa and 6 Person 90 Jet Spa have standard dimensions of a 6 person hot tub (217 cm x 235 cm x 98 cm) 7’2″ x 7’9″ x 3’3″H in range.

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