Most Powerful Hot Tub Stop Leak Products

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You should use powerful hot tub stop leak products to stop hot tub leak. Severe hot tub leaks are troublesome and sometimes challenging and expensive to repair.  With hot tub stop leak, you will be able to prevent water leak getting worse and damage your expensive spa component such as circuit board burned.

The most powerful hot tub stop leak product is FIX-A-LEAK sealer 32 OZ. This product can fix leaks fast and safe. The blended concentrated liquid material is designed to permanently seal small leaks and small holes in hot tub spa shells and plumbing. This amazing concentrated formula will permanently seal leaks and holes up to 1/8 inch in diameter in most any material. Spa Dosage: 8 oz. per 1,000 gallons, Pool Dosage: 1 qt. Per 22,000 gallons.

Hot Tub Stop Leak Products

Here the steps to repair hot tub leak using FIX-A-LEAK sealer 32 OZ:

  1. Determine water loss in a day or 24 hours by marking the water level drop in that period and decide the amount of FIX-A-LEAK sealer needed.
  2. Fill hot tub/spa to the original level and mark the water line.
  3. Uninstall filter cartridge and other hot tub filtering devices. For sand filters, set the filter valve on Recirculate.
  4. With spa pumps running, slowly add the FIX-A-LEAK sealer through the skimmer or in front of any sucking intake.
  5. Recirculate continuously for 6-8 hours then turn the system off.
  6. Then you can check water level the next day.
  7. If water level remains the same, your job is great, and the leak has stopped.
  8. Allow 48 hours before resuming operation

If the hot tub leak has slowed but not stopped entirely, you should add more FIX-A-LEAK sealer to enhance the power of solution already in the hot tub/spa then repeat steps 5-8 to another seal.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before doing the job, stir the FIX-A-LEAK sealer 32 oz in the hot tub or spa with a soft swab to take existing solution back into suspension.

Never use the hot tub until the leak is fixed and the remainder of FIX-A-LEAK is either filtered or drained from the hot tub or spa.


The product requires pressure to ensure it is affected by the area of the leak. Commonly, the FIX-A-LEAK sealer will fix holes as large as 1/8 inches in diameter.  FIX-A-LEAK should be efficient in sealing your leak for 1–2 years.

In all probability Leaks created by a crack in the pipe will be sealed. However, the leak may re-occur due to vibration will relocate in size re-creating the leak. Also, what may happen over time is that the contraction and expansion of the pipe may destroy the seal. In this case, hot tub stop leak products will not effective.

Most hot tubs or spa are foam insulated and, when soaked with water, will substantially delay the restorative time of FIX-A-LEAK. I suggest draining the hot tub or spa and directly wiping down the shell surface with a damp cloth to eliminate any residual of FIX-A-LEAK sealer. Leave 3-5 days before refilling. Commonly this will allow the product to preserve.

Remember, the interior of the foam will remain wet or damp for many months, even if the foam hot tub insulation looks dry on the outside.

Additional Notes:

You should not drain the hot tub or spa with the lengthened freezing weather. You may end up with a cracked pipeline causing a bigger difficulty if not drained properly.

I suggest filtering out the product with your cartridge filter. Run the hot tub/spa for a few hours then uninstall the spa cartridge filter and immediately wash with hot or warm water to remove any FIX-A-LEAK sealer residue. To remove the hot tub stop leak products totally from the spa/hot tub, repeat this method a few times.

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